Log in Your Eye

Soooo, we are having some growing pains right now.Superteen was completely dumped by a best friend she has had since kindergarten. In a pretty brutal way. The girl asked if she believed in God. Superteen told her truth, her truth at this moment.No.No, she does not. She was honest, even though it was hard and obviously not the 'right' answer....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” The Spiritual Journey Has Begun 6-19-12

Conversations lead to creating bonds through the sharing of more intimate discussions.Your life is on the increase now.Broaden your horizons in as many ways possible.Someone may become very important to you.Opposing Energies: Unexpected expenses, fixed thinking, fearPersonal comfort is important, so allow the change process to bring comfort rather than make sacrifices.Letting go is important in order to take the next step, baggage-free....more

I Surrender All

Sometimes I'm slow on the uptake. At times it takes me a few tries to finally get it. But, I think I'm finally seeing the bigger picture....more

The Discovery of You

Are you who you ought to be? Have you met your "real" self? Are you getting a little nervous as to where this post may be going?...more


To read more from BUTTERFLY go to www.butterfly.pro/blog...more

Shaken by the Past

Yesterday, I ran into someone I used to date. Physically, I kept it moving—didn’t pause, didn’t look back, didn’t miss a step. But mentally, I was a bit rattled.  I didn’t expect to see him; I hadn’t seen him since we had stopped talking…...more

A "Soul Moment"

My older daughter and I are driving into town to see the movie Lost in Space at our local theater. We didn’t count on getting lost in smoke ourselves on the way there! But someone is tending—more like neglecting—a huge conflagration of dry leaves just off the shoulder of the winding rural road. This fire has generated an out-of-control smokescreen that has expanded and now smothers both lanes of the highway....more

Reason for living: “Do not say, ‘It is morning,’ and dismiss it with a name of yesterday..." ...more

Redefining Moments


Nanny Lauree

Motherhood. We meet again.I've navigated the decision myself and helped other women get past outside pressure to find the right answer for themselves.One year ago, in a conversation with my coach, I finally voiced:I don't think I want to have kids.Looking at those words, they seem scary and permanent. There's guilt mixed in there too....more

In which i celebrate

If you had told me 13 years ago when Daniel was 4 and Kevin and I were mourning after being told our little boy had Asperger’s, that we would have THIS today, I would have laughed in your face.  But today, TODAY, we are celebrating because Daniel kicked ass on his SAT’s and the journey has been long and arduous.  I dedicate this to the many people who are just beginning this process and say to them, it’s ok…and you and your child will be ok too!   I want to sing, I want to danceI want to run, I want to skip...more