on joyfulness...

For the last few years I've started each day with a written Metta meditation. There are times when it's a struggle, when the day's expectations loom large or the morning is dark, snowy, and cold. But my notebook draws me in. Each fresh page with its twenty-three neat ruled lines gives me focus. And I begin… May I be healthy and strong. May I be safe and protected....more

Oh Joy!

I lay on the floor as my cpm (continuous passive motion) machine moves my knee after my anterior cruciate ligament repair. I’m drugged up with pain medicine so the motion doesn’t hurt as much....more

How Letting Go of a Spiritual Journey Restores Everyday Joy

“What’s all this talk about ‘being on a journey’ and ‘awakening?' I just call it living.  It’s that simple.”That’s my husband’s typical response to my spirituality rants. What usually results in silence and eye rolls, has recently got me to thinking.Sometimes I get so deep into discovering the meaning behind every thought and body twitch that I forget to live. Today I’m letting go of the self critique and analysis.  Healing is in living. Freedom is allowing.Simplicity reigns. Be here. Be now.Do only that which lessens the grip....more

NaBloPoMo: Joy, Day One

Today's prompt:  What do you do when you're down to bring yourself a little joy? It really is the little things, sometimes, that help you get through the day.  Between work and a toddler and the emotions rolling from this year, all with some added depression... finding joy can feel like an impossible thing some days.  So it's truly the little things - small focuses. ...more

archived post

Instead of going to see Santa, I write letters to Santa for my kids. They just tell me what to ...more

4 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

Halloween hasn't even arrived. But guess what? The holidays are closing in fast. At least that's what retailers want us to think. They've already got gift wrap and marshmallow snowmen front and center....more
Thanks for this wise advice.  I have spent today reflecting on what Thanksgiving means and I ...more

This Weekend

I have an assignment for you this weekend.  I want all of you to take time this weekend to find the simple joys in your life.  Put off the grocery store for an hour.  Take your favorite book, a cup of tea, and head outside to your special spot. Take just a few minutes and be still.  Not too long, the purpose isn't to take a nap!!  Just a few minutes to breathe and gather in the beauty that surrounds you...it will do you wonders....more

Weekend Photo Hunt (Joy-Youth)

Once a week I meet my friend Qunella and we have a cup of coffee at UNDER THE SUN A fun whimsical place and all sort of cool things.But I find Joy having a cup of coffee and chit chatting....more

Responding To An Invitation To Joy

 She invited me this morning: 'Come for a walk and experience the breeze''Tomorrow, perhaps? I've got a busy schedule today.' I responded.Mid-morning, she asked me to go to the window and look at the rain-soaked leaves.'Not now. I've got a post to write.' 'Spend ten minutes playing ball with Pablo?'she gently asked me this evening.'Not today. I've got to finish this article.'Every day she invites me and most often I turn her down.She's that voice in my head,That invitation to joyBut I keep refusing...more