Judging Childless Women

When you meet a childless woman, what do you think? Do you automatically assume she is less happy or more selfish or missing something? Or do you secretly wish you could have her life?...more

Yes... I am "that" parent....

This is an open letter to the parents I encountered in a packed indoor children’s playground this morning… Yes everyone…I am “that” parent and I am proud of it. I am that parent who will not “hover” less than one step away from my child at all times so when he plays he knows that “I am always there” to do things for him. I am that parent who; if my child takes your child’s toy, not only will I be on my child in less than a second, BUT I will return said toy to your child faster than my kid can say “sorry”. I am that parent who will give your child the benefit of the doubt in a conf...more

LUST: Damned if we give into it, damned if we don't

As my divorced girlfriend Amy told me about a recent first date she went on, she was practically squealing.  For not only was her date smart, funny and gentlemanly, she was...more