Stop The Judging

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one second dear, mommy's busy judging your father's parenting style

Originally posted on Okay, moms. Let's talk about dads. It doesn't really matter how your family is set up. If you're home with your kid/s during the day while your husband is at work or if you just end up taking the lead on a lot of parenting decisions. Or maybe there's a 50/50 split. However your family is set up, this will happen to you. ...more

Well I Never!

I can’t say what’s right for you and your life, but I know for mine, saying “never” is a big no-no. Saying I’ll never do something is the fastest and most certain way of seeing it come to life in full HD.I’ve touched on it before, but when I first started actually noticing being brought down a notch, was when I piped off that I’d never work retail. Not only was I sporting a Barnes & Noble name tag before long, but I was doing so with a Master’s Degree and a meaningful 7-year career under my belt....more

I Won't Judge Jennifer

 *Warning: This is not a normal, Andee, happy-clappy, feel good post....more

Judge less, love more...

When I headed to the health club showers, I saw that my two favorites were occupied -- one by a person and one by stuff. On the door was a towel, which I could easily ignore, but inside the shower, carefully laid out, ready to use, were some stranger's toiletries. I saw no one around and considered simply showering there anyway.Dare I move her belongings out of the shower? Simply scoot her stuff over and use the shower anyway?No....more

"He's Too Big. Stop Letting Him Eat So Much"

Recently, we attended a family event with my side of the family. This was a joyous occasion as one of my siblings and her husband are having their first baby. We all had a quite a pleasant time playing games and talking with people we don't see very often. Many of those people hadn't seen Baby in person yet, or since around the time he was born. The important thing to remember is that many of these people, family mind you, rarely see Baby growing, minus the few pictures I may send via text occasionally....more

Yes, I'm judging you

I try really hard to not judge other people, especially parents. Parenting is freekin tough. Kids are wild little unpredictable creatures with minds of their own who don’t always want to behave in a way that’s socially acceptable.  Parents have to make a million choices every day. We pick our battles....more


Matt. 7:1-8 ". .Whatever you deal out will be dealt to you. ."...more

Know the Story Before You Judge

An incident I experienced on Facebook about judging parents without knowing their situation got me to thinking of all the ways we tend to judge other people without even knowing them.And for the record, I am also guilty of judging people, so I’m not saying I haven’t done it myself. I am ashamed though of the times I did.Here are some examples:...more