Mean Girls: The Mom Edition

I wasn't planning on posting today. It's Friday, and I usually do my weekend posts on Thursday so I can spend three uninterrupted days with the hubby and kids. I was checking out my email, as I do every morning before I get the kids up and I came upon a post on Mamapedia, the title of the blog, The Meaninglesness of Motherhood....more

I'm A Bad Mother

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) I don't like the Little Man very much today.  There I said it.  He's surly and irritable.He talks back.  When he talks.  Often I'm lucky to get a groan or a growl out of him.  Sometimes it's just a scowl.He leaves a mess behind him where ever he goes.  I suppose it's because the mess has gotten too big for his room to contain it any longer.I'm trying very hard to stay calm and compos...more
Yep- the trick is to relax, not over react in panic mode, It took me three teenagers to realize ...more

The Buffoon!

Over the holiday season my mother dragged me to every mall and outlet store within the city limits of Edmonton. It was busy, over-crowded, and I felt the energy being sucked from me under the neon mall  lights.  My mother on the other hand was a deal hunting matriarch on the loose and there was no stopping her....more
They sound like a disgrace and unfortunate for the kid to be raised like that.  Too many young ...more