To the guy that watched me parent for 30 seconds...

 To the guy that watched me be a mom for 30 seconds and decided that you knew all about my parenting skills. Enough so, that you thought it was your place to yell and scold me in front of my kids, my mother and father in law, and an arena full of wrestlers and fans. Telling me, in a very loud, stern voice, "That is Ridiculous parenting. The most Ridiculous parenting I have ever seen."    ...more

Judgey Judgerson

I was recently reminded that I should ease off on making judgements, because I was, for a moment, THAT mom....more

Judgemental Attitudes: I've had a few

Mrs. Judgy Van Judgerson I have struggled from time to time with qualifying and quantifying my day's activities.  ...more

Ironic or Hypocritical?

I'm usually a pretty passive aggressive individual. I hate conflict. I avoid it, at all costs. I get nervous and clam up at the possibility of a disagreement gone awry. Except this summer when a large family of Tongans walked all over my stuff because they decided they wanted to make some room in the shade at the local swimming pool by moving my stuff out of the way. I became not very nice in that instant, letting them know exactly what I thought, standing up for myself, and it shocked me. I guess you can say I'm still being passive aggressive with this rant here today. ...more

On Lingering Man-Hugs

Being a relatively quiet and nosy person, I tend to notice things. Things I'm not really supposed to notice, I don't think. The other day I noticed an acquaintance of mine give his 17-year-old son a Lingering Man-Hug. He stroked his son's back, whispered something in his hear, and then drew back and kissed him on the forehead. As with most things that make me uncomfortable, I stared and watched the whole thing. Yes, it made me uncomfortable and that raised some Very Serious Questions. Why did it make me uncomfortable?...more

Passing on judgement

If you scratch the surface of any person’s life, you will find a story worth telling. This story will most definitely include chapters on the hardship and adversity this person has faced, and describe the lessons they drew from these events. Periods of dilemma will generally be followed by moments of joy, relief and comfort, with each story tailored specifically to the individual. ...more

Stereotypical Underpants

Whether you call them panties, undies, underwear, undergarments, underpants, delicates, boxers, briefs, grannies, or by any other name, we all wear them. Granted, some are more sophisticated than others, some are holy (and not in the spiritual sense), but they are a necessity of life....more