There's Always a Critic!

I am the last person on earth to claim that I am a stellar mom. Quite the contrary. I have made mistakes left and right but, the one constant is that I love my children and through all our ups and downs they truly know that....more


What is it about the human race that so many think they not only have the right but the responsibility to judge others?  Whether it be a pop star's performance on television to what someone thinks is going on in your life; it seems to be irresistible to so many to pass judgment....more

Exactly the point!

In the last two days, I've had two friends (not connected at all) say to me - in relation to our blog - "I had no idea you were going through any of this!"My reply: THAT IS EXACTLY THE POINT!That is exactly why we're doing this blog (and the accompanying videos, book, etc.)....more

Nerves (and Judgment) on Attending a Playdate with a Stylish Mom

My five year old son recently started Kindergarten and has been slowly growing out of his anxiety about… well, most things. When he came home talking about his "new" best friend, I was thrilled. I wrote a note for his friend’s mom, and sent it to school with him. Days went by, weeks went by… and then finally, after about a month, I got an email to try to arrange a play date. I’m thrilled. Should I have them over to our house or do we meet somewhere? I begin to worry about many things that might affect the outcome of this play date....more
This was so sweet.  I have been guilty of this and I hate to admit it.  I'm very laid back as a ...more

On Love & Sex. Take 2

Blobby Bodies and Biggest Losers: Women Judging Women

Writing about the season two premier of the HBO series Girls, New York Post critic Linda Stasi had this to say about show creator, writer, and star Lena Dunham who plays the character Hannah: “It’s not every day in the TV world of anorexic actresses with fake boobs that a woman with giant thighs, a sloppy backside and small breasts is compelled to...more

Let's Find a Way to Coexist

Does Organic Food Make You Act Like A Jerk?

What researchers found was that after viewing organic food pictures, people rated moral transgressions as being worse than people who saw the normal or comfort foods rated them. Those seeing organic also said they could volunteer significantly less time to help out. The results persisted no matter what the subjects thought of the desirability of the food. Seeing the organic food made people less nice, not nicer. ...more
Hi, I´m looking for info about organic food but more like "technical", any reccomendation? I´m ...more

It's Time to Stop Judging My Life on Others' Values

Over my lifetime, I have often found myself looking at my house through a different lens. ...more

I'm Judging Your Parenting -- Right Now

Just call me a Judgey McJudgerson because even though I have a kid, I still judge other parents. I judge often and I judge hard. I saw several moms on my Facebook feed share an article on the Huffington Post written by Kara Gebhart Uhl entitled "Apologies to the Parents I Judged Four Years Ago." It's a good read; make sure to check it out. To summarize it though, Uhl apologizes to the parents she judged who ignored tantruming children, fed kids McDonald's, and complained publicly about parenting, among other things. I'm probably in the minority but I will still judge you as a parent for these things....more
WhitneyD Shellireads verystrangebird Lucy's Reality VERY well said WhitneyD!more