Kitchen Garden Lunch: Spaghetti Ortolana - AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA taste of summer. Let your garden feed your hunger. Our orto is producing and we there4 eat of its bounty. Here's a recipe that screams summer freshness with every bite. ...more

Silky Seafood Spaghetti w/Lemon Parsley Chili Aioli: AROMA CUCINA for Honest Cooking divine summer pasta dish guaranteed to please all. ...more

Not Mac&Cheese, It's Rav&Cheese: AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA Umbrian version of mac & cheese, but better, and it was made from leftovers! ...more

Kitchen Independence on the 4th of July: AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA Cook simply, eat simply, and enjoy yourself with the best of friends and family. A Happy 4th call out to all! J&J ...more

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA For those who don't speak Italian, that roughly translates to the The Fast Sweet Life.  All in a day (or so): infiorata (decorating w/ flowers) for Corpus Domini in Montone, a ride to the Ligurian Riviera with the top down, cocktails and dinner al fresco in Porto Venere, an early morning visit to the industrial port, and a maiden voyage motorcycle ride back home to Umbria.  Mamma mia, siamo stanchi!  ...more

Do New Yorkers Love to Eat & Talk About It? - AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA Call to arms! The IACP Convention is in NYC (3/29-4/2/2012) and we need volunteers to pitch in and make this event go viral! So let's raise our forks, spoons, and knives (carefully, please) and let the world know that New York is truly the center of the food universe. Contact us to get involved....more

Endless Summer Tarts for the Perfect Lunch

AROMA CUCINA for Honest Cooking: Savory tarts and a glass of rose’.  The perfect summer lunch.  Here’s 2 perfect recipes from AROMA CUCINA that just may get you addicted to savory tarts. ...more

Summer Confetti Pasta: Bawdy,Colorful,Sexy,Italian - Aroma Cucina

Aroma Cucina It's Summer sexy break out in the kitchen. Keep it light, keep it lean, but keep it tasty! Use what you got and make it good....more

Chili Scented Zucchini Flowers w/Pickled Onion Sauce - Aroma Cucina

Aroma Cucina Resist the urge! Don't stuff the flowers! Put the filling on the side for dipping. It's zucchini blossom season, so here's what you do with them. Delish. ...more

A New Love Affair: Pickled Onions - Aroma Cucina

A New Love Affair: Pickled Onions - Aroma Cucina A blushing companion you can bring to any meal that is certain to your attention? Read on....more