The Pros and Cons of Juicing and Blending

I am a big believer in the benefits of juices and smoothies.  And, am often asked, which is better?The answer: It depends.JuicingJuicing is a process of extracting the water and nutrients from a plant, leaving the fiber behind.  Without the fiber to slow it down, the juice is easily and quickly digested and absorbed into your body.The Benefits of Juicing:...more

My Juicing Experience

 Today on my blog I'm sharing my experience with my new (super cheap) juicer! I also share my favorite recipe and how to create it.Check it out here!!...more

I'm Trying a Juice Cleanse -- Who's With Me?

Ever since reading Skinny Bitch a few summers back, I’ve been on a somewhat consistent health kick (except for the year I studied abroad in Egypt and Israel, where I i...more

Juicing for your Health

As someone who has always been into athletic pursuits, such as triathlons, lifting weights, kickboxing, swimming, etc., I’ve always been into “juicing.” No, I don’t mean steroids, I mean juicing–literally....more

Juicing with a Vitamix and a nut milk bag

 Do you ever buy pure fruit or vegetable juices? Juicing is great for me, personally, because it helps me get more vegetable vitamins than I get from diet alone, while reducing the bulky fiber that can be difficult for my body to process with my history of digestive issues. I don't own a juicer, but I DO own a Vitamix....more

Why You Should Juice

Juicing is becoming more and more popular these days, so I thought that I would write a post dedicated to the ins and outs of Juicing....more

Todays' Secret Combo

Since the birthday weekend, I have been back juicing fulltime.Todays’ combo is kale,carrot, celery,cantaloupe, watermelon,chia seeds,banana and grapes.The fruit was basically left over from the fruit I couldn’t finish from yesterday’s lunch....more

Starting all over again

Adding all natural one grain dry rice to a smoothie made of kale,carrots, and apples is this morning’s breakfast.Part of me still jokingly is looking for vodka to turn the juice into a bloody mary. You have to get through all this stuff so the system will be cleansed thoroughly....more

Nobody Here But Us Chickens

The office is running on 1/2 capacity today, as those who aren’t here quite as long as I am, along with the new hires, are out on training leave. I have to admit I do miss it, as the brotherhood of we who taxpayers hate**joking** is a large one, and when we would get together, boy, did we have stories to tell....more

Benefits Of Juicing (And Some Recipes You Can Try)

Juicing has become very popular among people wanting to lose weight and stay healthy that you’re bound to find a juice bar anywhere you go. But is juicing really living up to its hype, and should you invest in a heavy duty juicing machine? Should you implement juicing in your daily regimen?What Are The Benefits Of Juicing?...more