Fool-Proof Recipe for Incredibly Juicy, Delicious Turkey

What's the biggest complaint about turkey dinners (besides the somnific quality of the tryptophan contained in the main course)? Dry, bland meat. There is nothing worse than eating dry turkey. Unless, of course, the gravy that accompanies it is bland. Ok ok, there are lots of things that are worse. But as far as traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas meals go, serving up a dry bird with bland gravy is practically a cardinal sin....more
I have a question. Is the turkey supposed to be covered at any point? Should I maybe cover it ...more

Dedicated to Duds

Some of you may have seen the post I recently put on my facebook page about 95 year old Fashionista and Socialite, Zelda Kaplan, dying in the front row of a fashion show.  I think all of us, upon hearing about her death, sighed, but celebrated the inspiring irony that she was so dedicated to fashion, she literally was there until the very end. ...more

Your Soul Needs Juice!

Thanks. I needed that poster1more

How Should a 30-Something Mom Dress?

My husband and I were strolling at The Galleria this weekend with the boys, when we passed American Eagle Outfitters. "Wanna go in?" he asked, "or are you too old?" As we peered at the ultra-slender mannequins in the window, wearing denim miniskirts and skinny jeans, I said. "No, the biggest size they sell is a 2!" And yes, I'm too old. First of all, I love American Eagle advertising because the models showing the so-called "Women's" clothes are about 16-years-old. Sorry, if your hips haven't spread, you aren't really a woman yet. ...more
i am 39 and i am truly undecided at times on what to wear...especially when the family goes out ...more