'Female Force: Julia Child' Now an Interactive App!

Loved the Female Force: Julia Child comic book? Get ready for the app! -PJ Gach...more

What Julia Child and Cats have in common?

World famous gourmet cook Julia Child was a true cat lover. Unbeknownst to many, her cats were as much a part of her life as her fine cuisine, cooking, Paris, and her true soul-mate and husband, Paul....more

On Julia's 100th Birthday: 6 Food Blogging Lessons I Learned From Her

Julia Child taught me everything I know about cooking. During college, in the early 1970s, while my friends cut classes to watch afternoon soaps, I inhaled every episode of The French Chef. I bought her cookbooks when I could find them at the used bookstore in town. I couldn't get enough of Julia, cooking teacher extraordinaire, who dropped, spilled, flung and goofed, but also infused new-to-us recipes and techniques with her special joie de vivre. ...more
Thank you for such a refreshing post about an inspiring woman! As a new blogger myself, I have ...more

My last meal, or, possibly, this year’s Christmas dinner

My childhood hero! Photo courtesy of http://www.dirtcandynyc.com ...more
Your list just made me extremely hungry!more

What Do You Think Are Essential Cookbooks?

Have you ever thought about the one or two cookbooks you use that are essential?...more
I love the Alice Water cookbooks: The Art of Simple Cooking, plus her tomes on fruit and ...more

The Attack of the 5 Pound Cookbooks

Maybe, like the Accidental Locavore, you have a copy of Julia Child’s ...more

What Color is Your Recipe? French Onion Soup Recipe

The Accidental Locavore was standing over a pot of onions for French onion soup when something ...more

Famous Women in Food

Quick! Name some famous women in the realm of the kitchen! Our mothers and grandmothers don't count, even if Mom's Famous Potato Salad is truly famous or Nini's Blackberry Jam Cake could woo people to do her bidding. Bubbie's Matzoh Ball soup doesn't count either. It may have been famous in her home, her family, her community--but truly famous?...more

Nigella Lawson. She is famous to me... She has this brownie recipe that... have ...more

Food&Wine July,1995: The Conversation Flows: Aroma Cucina

Food&Wine July,1995: The Conversation Flows: Aroma Cucina An archeological find in the bottom of a magazine rack. Has that much changed in the food world in 16 years? You decide. http://aromacucina.typepad.com/aroma_cucina/2011/04/food-wine-july-1995-the-conversation-flows.html http://bit.ly/eEqEJ9...more

Making Boeuf Bourguignon

Yesterday I decided to try a very French and very celebrated recipe: Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon. The weather is changing and it makes me think of beef stew, red wine and of course bread and more bread....more

Totally agree with you - it´s a great way to spend a Saturday! I haven´t cooked this dish since ...more