2 Great Female Roles "Still Alice" & "Cake"

I saw these two films Julianne Moore in Still Alice and Jennifer Aniston in Cake within days of each other and couldn't help but be struck by the similarities. Both women are dealing with harsh realities not of their own making....more

I Try, But I Can't Help It, I Find Julianne Moore Annoying

I think I'm supposed to like Julianne Moore — we all are, aren't we? She's a multi-Academy Award nominated actress (Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, Far from Heaven, The Hours). But when I see her in a movie I can't help it, I cringe inwardly. I'm sure in real life she's just delightful — she seems like she would be from interview snippets I've seen. As I took a glance at some of the movies that I have seen her in over the years I started to feel better. I think I'm supposed to dislike her....more
She annoys me too. I really can't stand the 30 Rock episodes she's in... (SPOILER from like a ...more

Want to Win Best Actress? Try an Oral Sex Scene!

As the camera focuses on the many talented women nominated for Golden Globe awards as they walk down the red carpet on Sunday, two things might be on viewers minds: 1) what is she wearing? and 2) I know what she looks like when someone goes down on her. ...more

I'm just impressed by how many synonyms you managed to pull together. It's way more fun to count ...more

The Kids Are All Right: It's a Family Affair

I am proud to say that I was a hard sell for The Kids Are All Right, the family comedy-drama starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore and opening in limited release on July 9th. A mainstream film featuring a lesbian-headed family?! And the leads are among two of the finest actors working right now? With seven Oscar nominations between 'em? Oh you betcha I’m there. But I’m there with both expectations and hackles raised. ...more

Groundbreaking movie on a number of levels! Can't wait to read your future post re the round ...more