Mom Struggle is Real

Prior to becoming a mom I imagined it'd be this beautiful time of togetherness, love, and sweet moments. We sang our thoughts, shared our emotions freely and enjoyed each others' company always; it fit more the description from the Sound of Music minus the guitar and coordinated curtain outfits.I'm 7 years in on this mom-venture. Holy moly, this task God enabled me to do is hard, let me say it, it's hard! We all have our story, the details that make us US....more

just in case: mitt romney

Blog Directorylikes' list:√ the way he always looks like he's gone out for a swim cause his hair looks wet and slicked back√ he's mormon but he's monogamous√ he saved the 2002 winter olympics to perk people up after 9-11√ his favorite book is "Battlefield Earth"√ the fact that he can't sing so he talks out "America the Beautiful" instead√ that he sung "My Favorite Things" with Julie Andrews...more

Maria and Me

If I could show anyone my list of 2012 possibilities, I'd choose Julie Andrews. In her Sound of Music costume.      Surely Maria, a flibbertijibbet, a will-o'-the wisp, a clown like myself would comprehend why I abhor resolutions. How they remind me of jail, all striped vestments and fetters.     I bet she'd bring her guitar and when she opened the case it would be empty but the aqua satin lining would dazzle me. I'd gawk at the luxe beauty of it....more
@victorias_view I THOUGHT I responded to this. Must have forgotten to click Post Comment. I know ...more

My Interview With Julie Andrews: Save Me From Myself!

Let me start out by admitting that I am not a big fan of kids' movies, especially when they're animated. That said, I am a mother and it goes with the job. I find that a steady stream of snacks helps. Plus, I made my husband see Eclipse with me this weekend, so we all have our crosses to bear, don't we? ...more

I think you did a nice job with the interview, Lena!

My husband, DuckyBoy and I all LOVED ...more

Julie Andrews Deserves Better Than The Rock's Tooth Fairy

It's been my experience that women with six- or seven-year old children do not want to dislike Julie Andrews. They tend to hold fond memories of Julie Andrews' legacy of family fare, including the cheery musicals they watched when they were young and newer work such as The Princess Diaries. They want to pass on to their children what should be their birthright: a love of the beloved and royally loveable Julie Andrews. ...more

But what do you expect in a world where the current pinnacle of literature is "Twilight", a ...more