4th of July Recipe Roundup

A recipe roundup of some of our favorite foods for 4th of July celebrations!  This year is just flying by so quickly! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year and y’all know what that means? Yep, Christmas is right around the corner.But let’s not hurry up the winter holidays just yet. We still have to celebrate one of Summer’s favorite holidays, 4th of July.4th of July is all about celebrating our independence and freedom here in America.My favorite memories from 4th of July are of pool parties, spending time with family and friends, dad lighting up the grill, and trying to stay cool with frozen treats and drinks. And then at nightfall, we would light off the fireworks, my favorite being the sparklers.Oh, how I loved to run around the yard with sparklers in both hands! If I did that now, I’d probably step in a hole and break my hip if I were to do that this year!As with most holidays, it’s really all about the food and drinks. And this year, you don’t have to worry because I’ve got that part covered for you. Well, along with some help from my friends over at Culinary Content Network.I’ve rounded up some of their favorite summer recipes, along with a few from myself, to help make your 4th of July get together a blast....more

Happy Early 4th of July (But no Fire Works For Us This Weekend)

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The Warmth of Freedom

Communist Romania.  July 4th, 1976.The same year that Nadia Comaneci won the Olympic gold medal for Romania and scored the 1st perfect 10.I, along with 35 other sweaty college choir members, was singing the National Anthem in the middle of a very warm, unairconditioned hotel lobby in that country.Tears welling up in my eyes like never before....more