6 Ways to remove Junk mail forever

If you’re sick of junk mail, stop putting off putting a stop to it, because you can actually make a difference by implementing the following 6 strategies. Though you won’t be able to completely eliminate junk mail, the following approaches will considerably de-clutter your mail box....more

Cross Post: Sneaky!

Earlier this week I received an envelope in the mail which left me baffled.  It was addressed to me, but there was a window just below the tiny return address which showed my name and said "RESULTS".  Just like that.  In big capital letters. ...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 29 – Junk Mail

I am thankful for junk mailYes, you read that right!  Those crinkly, colourful, irresistible pages of junk, keep Poppet occupied for hours!  Where else can she get her own personalized mail pile on a daily basis!Warmest regards,Joyhttp://www.PardonMyPoppet.com/PipSqueaksPardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!...more

Cut the Clutter

Change Your Service Provider, Change the World: 3 Small Switches for a Greener 2010

Make the green you spend on those monthly bills count in 2010. While no eco-friendly or socio-conscious options may exist for cable or a gym near you (unless you're in Portland), you can find greener plans for other services you need -- at very competitive prices! Here are 3 to consider switching to in the new year: ...more

Holy Crap! You've Got Mail.

elizabeth:  I don’t want anyone to think I am being disrespectful of religions. Let’s just say I feel that religions separate people. God, Buddha and the universe can unite people, but organized religion can create the “my religion is better than yours. And are you planning on wearing plaid in hell?” mentality....more

Ditch the clutter: Stop junk mail

Stopping junk mail's easy -- theoretically -- since all you need to do is say no. But because you have to say no to so many different companies -- and may want to preserve one or two coupon mailers you use -- de-cluttering your mail box can get difficult pretty fast. This perhaps explains why so many people still get -- and complain about -- the amount of junk mail they get. ...more

Junk Mail is Good for the Environment!

The volume of paper that comes through the mail to us is really overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of the mail we receive: ...more