Why Social Meidia and Social Justice Don't Go Hand in Hand

In the light of everything that has happened in the past seventy-two hours, there is one thing that is crystal clear; social media and social justice don't go hand in hand. I will make my point and be very brief.  ...more

In Marriage, What Is More Important Justice or Love?

In Marriage, What Is More Important Justice or Love? I remember when I was younger and dreamed of having a wedding and finding my great love. I knew that I wanted a family one day, however my perception of marriage changed after my parents divorced. I was one the kids in my neighborhood who had a two-parent household. Unfortunately, this was a rare occurrence....more

20C Justice & a Mediaeval Hall

Barnard's Inn is a Mediaeval Hall which was also a school of law, hidden behind busy Holborn in central London. One of the free public lectures this week left the audience pondering the role and responsibilities of law in today's societies....more