Top Songs of 2013

I'm paying a lot more attention to pop music these days, primarily because I have a tween daughter who has an obsession with a certain British boy band, which forces me to keep up. But happily the soundtrack of our lives, as I drive about town, is not limited solely to the dulcet tones of the boys of One Direction. Some of my favorite songs of the year were actually in Billboard's list of top-ten singles for 2013. Here are my top ten faves:...more

Why Miley Cyrus Isn't Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake performed for almost 20 minutes at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Wearing a suit and a dapper hat, he covered most of his greatest hits, highlighted a few tracks from his latest album "The 20/20 Experience,” and reunited with his former band 'N Sync. He danced, crooned, swaggered, played electric piano, and took over Barclays Center with his talent, charisma, and prowess....more
Miley Cyrus should be extremely ashamed of herself and so should her parents.  I guess she's ...more

Justin Timberlake Backs New Photo Tagging Company Stipple it

Fashionistas, clothing companies, and ecommerce sites may soon go ga ga over the newest photo tagging technology called Stipple., funded by big investors such as Justin Timberlake, offers four main types of services: Lens, Pipeline, Network, & Want.  Lens enables photo agencies to gain more revenue capabilities for their images.  The site also provides analytics services to help agencies monitor traffic and pinpoint their most profitable images....more

The Social Network: Facebook Status Updates about the Facebook Movie

Deb Rox Is heading out to the 12:01 am show  to see the Facebook movie -- formally known as The Social Network, starring that cute Jesse Eisenberg dude from Zombieland.  I've been sucked into seeing it because of all the promotion Facebook mack daddy Mark Zuckerberg has provided the film while complaining about its inaccuracies and then coincidentally giving $100 million to New Jersey schools last week -- and I want to see it at the first viewing so I don't bump into spoilers on Facebook.  Come on, join me. Leave your footie pajamas on, I'll buy popcorn. ...more

For sure I am off to see this movie tomorrow! I love Facebook and Aaron Sorkin. Remember the ...more

Cougar Crushes

Coo Coo Cachoo, Mrs. Robinson. Have a cougar crush? Stop by and tell me WHO at Pajamas and Coffee. But hands off my JT!  @marymac

2 for 1 : Justin and Jacob

I kid you not. Justin Timberlake works at my gym and Jacob is the repairman. I'm as surprised as you are. These are big stars and they have these small jobs, here in Montreal. What are the odds that I would meet both of them ? You have read it. Justin Timberlake has a weekend job at the YMCA Downtown. He's not the smiley type. Really, it makes me want to smack him beside the head. The guy is good-looking, has a great career and a great weekend job. What has he got NOT to smile about ? Anyway he barely says a word. But HEY I met Justin at the gym !!...more

Funniest Crap on the Internet

Mosey on over and check out this blog post featuring all of the internet's funniest Pajamas and Coffee. ...more

Coldplay, Jennifer Hudson & Lil Wayne Among 2009 Grammy Winners

Big winners at last night's 51st annual Grammy Awards were Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Coldplay, Lil Wayne and Jennifer Hudson.   But before last night's televised portion of the awards even started there was big news about two performers who were scheduled to appear on the show.  R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested after a domestic violence complaint by his girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna. var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,330,592652,"")}catch(ex){}}() ...more

Hi Nordette,

Let's hope hip hip crosses a lot of thresholds.  The first one being from ...more