Sesame Kale Chips

Ahhh! The first day of Spring, although it does not feel like it Pennsylvania today, but at least the sun is shining. Which has me thinking swim suit season is right around the corner. Time to step up my fitness and be mindful of what I am eating.First step, healthy snacks, especially since I am a big snacker during the day. Well these kale chips are delish and have you going back for more. Good thing they are a good for you and a guilt free snack.Visit my site for the recipe and other help information....more

Easy Kale Chips

If you are looking for a fun, healthy way to eat kale, then look no further!  These baked crispy kale chips are a light and tasty snack (or side dish).  This easy, crunchy, slightly salty snack is perfect for indulging your cravings. ...more

KALE, the superstar of superfoods!

Allison Tannenbaum@Nutrition4Life...more

Soul Food: Kale, Collard greens with an Italian - Asian Twist

Soul Food with an Italian / Asian TwistIngredients...more
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Lemony Roast Chicken With Kale and Potatoes

Lemony Roast Chicken With Kale And PotatoesLeave a reply...more
This was an awesome meal -  great the next day too! Thank you for sharing it!more

Winter Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

The other night I had a couple of friends over for dinner.  I love having friends over.  First of all, I love cooking for other people and have always loved entertaining.  It’s fun to try out new recipes on your friends as well.  So, I created a winter brussels sprouts salad to start the meal which went over really well!...more

Hearty Vegan Kale, Butternut, and Barley Soup from Cafe Johnsonia

Lindsey from Cafe Johnsonia is trying to work out a compromise with her husband on the question of whether or not to eat meat, but she reports that this lovely meatless soup with kale, butternut squash, and barley was one that pleased both of them. All three of the main ingredients in the soup are also high on my personal list of food faves, so I think this sounds like a great soup to recommend this week for Meatless Monday! ...more
some just don't like the fake meat idea so a hefty salad with beans, greens, nuts, mango and ...more

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup from Kalyn's Kitchen

Thanksgiving is over, and it's time to re-group with a healthful dish that's warm and comforting. I also think the Monday after a big cooking weekend is the perfect time to pull out the slow cooker, and this Slow Cooker Vegetarian Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup that I made recently can even cook all day on low if you're at work. I used chicken stock because that's what I had in the freezer, but if you use vegetable stock and skip the shaved Parmesan, this tasty soup can easily be vegan, and whichever way you choose, I promise this is a delicious Meatless Monday option. ...more

Kale Gratin

Dark leafy greens can be one of the scariest yet most important things when moving toward a healthier, more plant based way of eating. Leafy greens are vitamin powerhouses and are now on the list of superfoods. They contain, but are certainly not limited to: magnesium, vitamin K, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin E, many B vitamins, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin (protects the cells from damage and eyes from macular degeneration), and small amounts of Omega-3 fats. For more information on the benefits of leafy greens, check out "Green Superfoods"....more
This looks really good!  I love kale and will have to try this.  Thanks for sharing.  I really ...more