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Remember my scrumptious post about my lovely friend Brittany's new bakery?!?! You know... all natural (even the food dyes, she makes by hand!), beautiful and delicious.. ?...more

I am a mom and I will NOT let the state make medical decisions for my children

A friend of mine posted this on FB.If you're not usually inclined to click the link, I would ask that, just this once, you do. Please.In case you decide not to, here's a pull quote:...more

Kansas is a beautiful surprise (or, how not to be a judgy judge even though I know better after 40 years of living).

    Just like some people think that locals in NJ are running around with bowls of spaghetti in one hand and a machine gun in the other, (or freaks with low hairlines who go around picking fights and flipping tables)  I had some misconceptions about Kansas before we moved here.   ...more
I just stumbled onto your post! I live in Kansas City and spend a lot of time in Lawrence, and I ...more

Trust Women: Save Reproductive Health Clinics in Kansas

Harassment by both anti-choice legislation and extremist terrorism has lead to the closure of all but three reproductive health clinics in Kansas that offer abortions. Now many women have to drive hours to reach one of the few remaining places to get any abortion procedure. It's a barrier to access that anti-choicers use to undermine a woman's right to control her own body upheld by Roe v. Wade -- and for many Kansas women, it means that they cannot, in reality, exercise their reproductive rights. ...more
That is the key: TRUST women, to make the right decisions.more

I'm Okay with Being a Soccer Mom

Last year, we realized that if our ten-year-old was going to continue to play soccer, he would need the more focused, professional coaching that comes at the competitive club level as opposed to recreation leagues with parent coaches. In club leagues, you typically pay for a professional coach who teaches more than just the basic rules of the game and good sportsmanship - they teach individual skills, athletic conditioning, game strategy and team development. It’s a big commitment, both in money and time. ...more

I have three boys but only one who is old enough to play sports competitively at this point. The ...more

Reverse Migration: From the Coast to the Heartland

Lately, it seems companies and people are starting to recognize that business in the United States does not consist of only New York City and California. There are, in fact, many wonderful places to live in between. People are choosing to live in cities that are a little quieter, a little cheaper, and a little more family friendly, as buzzwords like “work/life balance” echo in the halls of corporate America. More companies are choosing to set up shop in places like Colorado, Kansas City or Oklahoma. It’s not because of the weather. ...more

I left beautiful, warm Northern Cali for Brr, cold Minnesota. And why yes, yes it is hard to get ...more

Butter in the Well -- How the Journal of an Immigrant Pioneer Touched Me

I traveled recently to a conference in Kansas. Wichita, to be exact. There are some reasons why I don't like traveling, but one of the reasons I do like traveling is that it gives me several hours of uninterrupted time to read. I absolutely love to read, and don't often get that time where I can spend hours on end with a book. But with airport wait-time and all day plane rides, I definitely get enough time to settle in with a good book. ...more
@LindaHubalek That should be my books "Butter in the Well" and "Prarieblomman"...now I see typos!more

Kathleen Sebelius Confirmed as HHS Secretary: What Does That Mean for Health Care Reform?

By a vote of 65-31, the United States Senate confirmed Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services, with a prominent Republican leader saying that the nomination of the pro-choice Kansas Governor was brought to a vote because of the urgency of the swine flu epidemic. While the fight over the nomination has been framed largely in terms of the debate over abortion, the larger question is whether the Sebelius appointment will mean for health care reform, ...more

A Must Have for College Women!

It's a known fact that college women are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than other women. With this in mind, college students and particularly female college students, need some sort of self defense product. Let's face it, most women do not have a black belt in karate and we are, physically speaking, the weakest sex. ...more

i was assaulted in college and I now run a support website and message board to help ...more