Post No. 3: Nicki, Kanye, and Coworkers

Posting yesterday was a big hairy deal!  Being new to Blogher, I didn’t know that it would eat my whole post…twice…I’m glad I had originally written it in Word.   Seems you can’t click “edit post” from preview.  I’ll remember that....more

Be a Beck: Parenting Advice from the Grammys

Perhaps the hardest part of parenting is figuring out how to ensure your children don’t grow up to be a-holes. Finding a hiding place to scarf down a bag of Cheetos before they sniff you out and ask you to share is a close second, but I digress. In our house, we follow the very simple yet effective motto of “don’t be a jackleg,” born from my father’s term for various plagues on society....more

A Mirror-lined Nursery

While most internet wags are spoofing or critiquing the upcoming April cover of Voguemagazine, featuring Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, another photo, released from the shoot, taken by Annie Leibovitz, has caught my eye....more

Kim, Kanye And Vogue: Betrayal Or Brilliant?

I'm not the person to ask about the history of Vogue, or its editorial mission.  What I do know I mostly got from watching the "Devil Wears Prada."  I do read it from time to time, although reading it isn't really a fair description either; it's more like I turn the glossy pages oooing at clothes I'll never get to wear because they are astronomically expensive and appropriate for absolutely no event in my life....more

Kim & Kanye's Nude 'L’Officiel Hommes' Cover: Isn't She Still Married?

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but they sure make one smoking hot couple! The parents-to-be showed some passion on the cover of French magazine L’Officiel Hommes. They appear to be nude, so it certainly leaves a lot to the imagination the things we can’t see.  Some people say that Kim shouldn’t pose nude and that she is going back on her recently revealed ‘privacy policy’ where she vowed to keep their lives less public. Um, okay....more
Seriously? She's all upset about still being married to another man when her baby is born but ...more


Why won't they let Kanye be Great???Friendly perspecive on the Spring 2012 debut of Dw, Kanye West's womenswear colleciton during Paris Fashion Week. ...more

Like Kids, Pets, Africa? There’s a Charity for That!

I hate to sound like a broken record - but - everybody isn't qualified to run a charity. It is not necessary to start your own corporation to accomplish something or to steer funding to a specific need. At least once a day I receive a call from someone who wants to start a charity to fulfill some personal need or to accomplish a specific project. Others feel they need to do so to appear philanthropic or to use celebrity power to create awareness and large sums for a righteous cause....more

(VIDEO) "Letter to Lil Wayne" -- Young Black Girls on Misogyny in Hip-Hop

When rapper Lil Wayne was released from prison last year after being incarcerated for eight months on a gun possession charge , Hip-Hop media outlets and his fans welcomed him home with open arms. ...more
WOW! I wonder if Lil Wayne saw this music video, I hope he does and see his reaction. Women are ...more

Representations of Women in Kanye West's "Monster" Video

How is it that Kanye West, an intelligent artist very much in control of his image, didn't think about the repercussions of representing women in such a horrific manner in his video for "Monster?" What I find more disturbing is that he DID think about it, and proceeded with this video anyway....more

Almost anyway; I read this post beginning with "Bikini-clad" and ending with "lap" and just ...more

Why Kanye West and I Should Share a "Best Friends Forever" Necklace

Kanye West and I should be best friends.  And if you ask me, we basically are.  (When I say basically I mean that 808’s and Heartbreak once sat in my car cd player for 8 months straight.)  While he gets a gets a bad rap for being…just plain ridiculous, I think he knows what he’s doing and is pretty misunderstood. — This is where we differ, as I never have any idea what I’m doing, so no wonder I’m misunderstood.  Any”I’maLetYouFinishBut”, I hated his latest song when I saw him perform it on the VMAs.  I had high expectations and stayed up way past my 9:30pm bedtime just to see it.  It started off great…I don’t hate the red outfit (i do, however, hate the deep v-neck shirt. i don’t care if you’re Christian Dior himself. not a good look for any man.)…and then…the chorus.  I shook my head and said “really?” about 40 times out loud.  Then, I listened to it about 100 times more and realized that Kanye and I may or may not be bffs and/or long lost fraternal (naturally) twins.  ...more