I Don't Need a Man to Walk Me to My Car. But I Want One.

One of the reasons I chose to live in this small town was its low crime rate. I know most of my neighbors (even if some of them aren't my favorite people in the world), and I've never felt unsafe. I often walk my dogs late at night right through the middle of downtown without a second thought in regards to my safety....more
We don't all leave at the same time.more

Being a "Girl" in the Dojo: Sexism in Karate

I remember the first woman I saw in the dojo. She was a green belt, I think -- and I was still in sweats and a T-shirt (hadn't even gotten my karate uniform yet). Back then, I was so busy trying to figure out these hand, foot and body movements that I didn't realize I was one of only two adult females in a class of 30 people....more
Majority of my dojo mates are female because the guys can't take the "tough love" dished out ...more

Along for the Ride

It is Spring Break again, that wonderful time of the year that means topless drunken antics for some and all day playground antics for others. (Guess which activity is mine!)...more

Other People's Children

I'm sorry I made your kid cry. No, really I am. I am not sorry I was so tough on her. I am not sorry I gave her pushups when he wasn't listening. I am not sorry I threatened to sit her down in the corner if she did not try harder to stay on her spot. But I am sorry that when I finally, after multiple warnings, did sit her down for five minutes she burst into tears. I didn't want that. ...more