How to Dress Your Child Like a Kardashian

If the Kardashians know two things best, it’s fashion and babies. With Kourtney’s third child on the way, I can’t wait to see what he or she will be wearing.Today, in the midst of New York Fashion Week, Kardashian Kids, which is sold at Babies “R” Us nationwide, announced that it is launching a toddlers collection on September 19th.After hearing the news, I had to check out the existing children’s collection! I learned that it is both adorable and affordable.As for my top picks:All photos are courtesy of Babies “R” Us and Kardashian Kids...more

Help Wanted: Ghost Busters Needed to Purge Farm of Paranormal . . . and Wheat Products . . .

For several years I have railed on about how reality television is missing out on some major money-making potential by overlooking our farm, Locket’s Meadow, but this week I realized the Real Housewives of Bethany vs. the Kardashians may not be the ticket. I’ve decided we now need Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures to get his bad-boy self out here and beat some sense into the paranormal infestation we have here on our property. But let me start at the beginning ...more

In Defense of (gulp) Kim Kardashian

Early last week, it was announced that this summer, Kim Kardashian would be joining the cast of the Lifetime Television show Drop Dead Diva for a multi-episode arc.  Almost immediately after the press release hit the internet, a new barrage of Kardashian bashing began.  ...more
@BlogHer It only took four comments to get to weight bashing on the Kardashian post. WTF?more



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