Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Letting the Intention Do the Work 1-23-12

Today’s reading reflects the Law of Attraction for being clear with your intent, particularly with attracting money in business, it can create immediate results!Opposing Energies: resistance, karma, unconsciousnessAdditionally, managing your finances with clear perceptions and letting your intention do the work, (rather than “Pushing the River”) will also benefit.Wide Awake Words™ for today: awareness, clarity, flow...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Being More Aware 12/25/11

Looking inward and communicating more with your spiritual self and feeling the intuition.Being introspective today includes establishing balance with your accounts, including Personal Karma.Opposing Energies: holding on to the past, resistance, misunderstandingsBeing more aware assists you in relating to others with ease today. Wide Awake Words™ for today: change, restlessness, possibilitiesTo my followers and friends: I wish the best for you all in all things....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Taking Responsibility for Your Growth 12/12/11

   Today you might experience the double-edged sword of Karma!Provided your goal is in balance with the Laws of Karma, you may just be finding your way toward your goal!Take responsibility for your words and actions, and refrain from destructive promises that you cannot keep.Opposing Energies: resistance, broken promises, withholdingLikely any empty promises of the past will come to the surface today.Your manifestations of past indiscretions may emerge to mix in the energies of today....more

The Science of Spirituality

I've got this side of me that geeks-out over science. I have been known to wonder aimlessly, by myself, in some of this country's best science and natural history museums while on business travel. I visited Bodies: The Exhibit, twice, alone. I aced college level chemistry in high school and almost chose it as my college major until I realized how much math was involved.  Science = bueno, Math = no bueno....more

When Karma Gets the Last Laugh, It Sounds More Like Ho Ho Ho Than Ha Ha Ha

The last time I entered the library was June 24. I remember specifically because as the librarian was checking out the 18 children’s books I’d hastily plucked off the shelves while trying to keep two small children from committing any crimes related to county property, she greeted me with “Merry Half-Christmas Eve!!”...more

Just a thought...

Love yourself more than anyone else. Adore your parents, no one is perfect and they won't be here forever. Be loyal, always. If you think you can't, you are right, you never will. Love your children, be responsible for them. Be the best parent you can be, you only get one shot at it. Do what you say... Don't put the burden of your happiness on someone else's shoulders. It is too heavy to bear for long. Make your life the way YOU want it to be. Don't change or compromise for anyone, ever. ...more

Girl Power...

I sometimes wonder what the Universe is up to with me. I am not really surprised by the random stuff thrown at me on a day to day basis. But I wonder fairly often if I make the right choices in said situations. What if??? Is a question that pops into my head a lot. My motto for years has been... ...more

The butt biting ways of karma

We were watching cartoons when my 8 year old asked me about karma. A talking dog had just told a boy not to do something because "karma would bite him in the butt." "Is that true, Mama?" she asked. "What?" "Will karma bite you in the butt?" "Not only will karma bite you in the butt, it can also bite the butts of those you love," I said. Her eyes widened. "Is karma gonna bite my butt because of something you've done?" she asked. "Nah, not you. Daddy." "Oh." And she continued watching. ...more

Why does karma have to kick/bite butts anyway? I wish I could work out a deal with karma to ...more

40 Years of Lessons in 30 Days: Day 12

Lesson #12 – Karma Does Exist KAHR-ma)  noun 1. In the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religions, a person's action (bad or good) that determines his or her destiny. 2. Destiny; fate. 3. An aura or atmosphere generated by someone or something ...more

What Comes Around Goes Around

As I’ve accumulated experience and some wisdom garnered through living life, one of the things that has happened is that I have learned that many clichés are based in truth. A cliché that has shown itself to be true a lot in the fifth decade of my life is that what goes around comes around. ...more