Karma for Bloggers

The Golden Rule Still Applies... I have always been a big believer in karma, the golden rule, or whatever you choose to call it. Basically I try hard to put forth the same kind of energy that I hope to receive back from the world around me. I know this may sound idealistic, but hey that's how I roll. I ...more


I think the universe is telling me that I am a bad BAD housekeeper (I really am!) and that I need to clear out all of the stuff in our tiny flat that we really don’t need any more. Such as the cot last used to sleep my five year old son, which has been dismantled but is still leaning against the wall in the lounge (I think it’s been there for about a year now). And why do I think this? ...more

Sometimes a small rebellion is enough.

You know that feeling you get when someone cancels a plan and all of a sudden you have this unexpected clump of free time?  It’s exciting.  It’s a gift.  You were looking forward to the thing, but once it’s cancelled through no fault of yours,  you’re now looking forward  to not going. It’s  a slippery slope from there to canceling something you planned for no reason except you don’t feel like it anymore.  At first it felt like a not-nice thing to do, but I have my rules:   1) I consider whether anyone else be hurt by my actions. ...more

Are Psychics Useful??

Article Name: A Game of Chance ...more

Karma Vs Love

It is said that destiny is nothing but the sum of your past actions, every action you do now shapes your future.  That when you do good things, good things will happen to you; when you do bad things, bad things will happen to you…in other words Karma.  Most of us try our best to do the right things in life. Right things as taught to us by our parents,our family and our society, but what about our thoughts? What about our emotions? ...more

Blogger Karma: Give some, Get Some.

I have this thing about karma. Or at least I have a thing about my own pseudo-semi-spiritual notion of what it means. My kind of karma, the "Caroline" definition of Karma (and forgive me real karma people for butchering it's true meaning) is to give and give and give. And when you give, you will get back what you deserve. I also know karma is about balance and for every good there is a bad. Yin, yang, good, bad, bladdy bladdy blah. ...more

Astrology: November 2008 Horoscopes

 Aries:  This month marks the start of a brand new chapter in your life: your goals, life direction and sense of your place in this world are about to be transformed.  Not all of the changes y ...more

It always come back to get you

A few years ago, my friend W swore that she was done having kids.  DONE! Closing up shop! ...more

If my plaque doesn't show up, maybe I can photoshop myself a nice certificate to hang....then ...more

Getting Jacked~

Karma dictates that we send love into the world.  Even without the promise of reciprocity, I would send good will to all, even to you Mr. Lying-Thieving Mechanic. ...more

Don't litter. You will get beat down by Karma.

Today’s thought: Does what goes around REALLY come around? The short-term implications are fairly obvious, even to someone of my limited perception. If I do something bad to someone, chances are that person (or that person’s beefy bodyguard) will do something bad to me. Karma is sometimes the only thing that makes me behave. One time I threw a can out my car window and when I came home someone had stolen my sprinkler. And she never littered again. ...more