Nutella, Kashi, Health Claims, and Truth in Advertising

 Do we really want to depend on corporations to tell us what food is healthy for us?  Earlier this week I was struck by two news items that put this issue front and center....more

Kashi Is A Fake Health Food

Post all about how Kashi is a fake health food. ...more

Bulking Up - Is Fiber The Superhero Of Nutrition?

Fiber is the word we hear everyday, a word that was never once spoken aloud in my family until recently.  Dietary fiber is considered one of the most important ways to maintain good health. Fiber discussions are everywhere and that leads to fiber guilt. Now when friends get together, we’ ll often check the fiber content of the muffins before choosing one.   (We don’t always choose the one with the most fiber, but we feel obligated to check.) ...more