It's Okay to Admit Motherhood Is Hard, Kate Winslet

I stumbled across this article over at HuffPost which made much of a statement given in the November issue of Marie Claire about being a working mom....more
"motherhood is hard. For all of us. Period." so agree with the authormore

Half-baked peach pie

*Spoiler alert: This post makes specific references to the plot of Labor Day, so if you’re thinking of seeing it, don’t say I didn’t warn you!*Last night, as I headed to an advance screening of Labor Day, I was reflecting that it had been ages since I’ve seen a movie targeted at my own age group....more
Karen Ballum I don't think my expectations were particularly high for this one, either - I was ...more

Dear Kate Winslet

So  the media is all abuzz because you  lied about the emergency c-section delivery of your first born baby a few years ago.  You recently fessed up about that lie after the natural labor and delivery of your second baby, and I'm really glad you're satisfied with that birth and I hope you feel better about yourself....more

Lying About Birth: Yes, Kate Winslet Should Feel Ashamed

A friend recently brought to my attention, via Facebook, that Kate Winslet apparently just came out as having lied about having a natural childbirth when in fact she had an emergency c-section. She was embarrassed about having had the section. There seems to be a “c-sections are nothing to be embarrassed about” movement stirring up over this which I kind of think is ridiculous....more
Moms can't win no matter what. C-section, vaginal birth, breastfeeding, staying at home, ...more

Woman with the foreign Latin accent

Sofia Vergara said what she liked the most about her boyfriend was the fact that he doesn’t care that her English is broken, what I think she meant was that she speaks with an accent. Well hey, she comes from Colombia, her native language is Spanish not English. It is okay to have an accent, it’s not a requirement to speak like “white American” and what does that mean anyway? ...more

A Secretive Spouse

So we’ve all heard of Sandra Bullock’s motor-head husband Jesse James having some sexy times with a girl nicknamed “Bombshell,” while Ms. Bullock was off filming The Blind Side. I guess with this guy, “when the cat’s away, the mouse will play.” And what about Sam Mendez, husband to the beautiful Kate Winslet? He’s rumored to have also cheated. And we all know about the famous, Mr. Tiger Woods....more

You are right on with all these "signs". Unfortunately, signs are often not seen until they've ...more

The 81st Annual Academy Awards: The Oscars Live Blog!

It's Oscar night and welcome to BlogHer's first liveblog of the biggest annual event in Hollywood.  I'll be updating my posts every 30 minutes and I expect all you movie-philes and fashionistas out there to tell me what you think about the show in the comments below.  All times are EST.  Let's get started. ...more

Last night the "Slumdog" cast won an Oscar. Where are they going today? Disney ...more

2009 Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win, Who Should Win

Who will win?  Who will lose?  Who will bore us to tears with the worst acceptance speech of the night?  All those questions and more will be answered this Sunday on Hollywood's biggest night.  That's right, it's the 81st annual Academy Awards. So in keeping with every other media pontificator out there, I'm here to give you my Oscar predictions for the major categories. var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,340,632054,"")}catch(ex){}}() ...more

I'm excited!

Come join me on the Oscar Live Blog post on BlogHer's front page. ...more

"Benjamin Button" Leads Oscar Nominations

var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(420,281,527404,"")}catch(ex){}}() All right movie fans, the Oscar nominations are out! "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" leads the Oscar field with a total of thirteen nominations. Among those star Brad Pitt was nominated for Best Actor, co-star Taraji P. Henson was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and the film was nominated for Best Picture. ...more

On Oscar night are we going to see you all glammed up on the arm of a nominee?


Kate Winslet & "Slumdog Millionaire" Are Big Winners At The 2009 Golden Globes

Actress Kate Winslet and a little film called "Slumdog Millionaire" were the big winners at last night's Golden Globes.  Winslet was astounded as she took home two Golden Globes, one for "Revolutionary Road" and one for "The Reader." While "Slumdog Millionaire," the story of an orphan from the Mumbai slums of India who tries to win a million dollars on a TV game show swept the movie awards with four.  Danny Boyle the winning director for "Slumdog Millionaire" said in ...more

Hi Jen,

I read your post and loved it!

You and I were on the same page about a ...more