Michael Jackson's Legacy

Michael Jackson's children were able to keep it on the low when they volunteered at a center for the homeless in Los Angeles - because people had no idea who they are. "They just blend in there and they just want to give as much as they can to that center and other charities as well."...more

Here's the link of the video Interview of the Children and Katherine ...more

Michael Jackson’s Kids Get the Belt

There’s something that makes me all itc...more

Michael Jackson's Mother Gets Custody of Children

Mainstream media sources report that Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson, 79, has received full custody of the King of Pop's children, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. aka Prince, Paris Michael Katherine, and Prince Michael Jackson II aka "Blanket," the youngest. Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the two older children, has retained her parental rights and will have visitation. ...more

I think it's great that they were able to reach an amicable decision. With all parties ...more

Jackson and Sanford: Consider the Women

by Laura Baudo Sillerman ...more