What Price Good Health?

The other day, the Silicon Valley Moms Blog network (which includes group blogs from the Deep South all the way to - yes - Canada) hosted a special topics day. The topic: children of the recession. The inspiration: a conference call with Katie Couric. Yes, that Katie Couric. ...more

It so sucks right now.


For the first time ever, I couldn't buy my kids ...more

Submit Your Children of the Recession Story to Katie Couric

Yesterday I represented BlogHer on a conference call with bloggers from the Silicon Valley Moms Blog, and Katie Couric. Couric wanted our help getting the word out about the issues being covered in CBS Reports' new series, Children of the Recession. ...more

Katie Couric Wins Cronkite Award

The award was named for "Uncle Walter," but last night belonged to the most influential woman in the nightly news. ...more

You Go Girl: Katie Couric Wins Walter Cronkite Award

I am a news junkie. Even as a child it bugged me that women were not more prominent in the news. When Couric became the first solo woman anchor in the history of network evening news, some wondered who let the girl into the boys' club? She hasn't always been popular in that post, but something about her style makes her the top news anchor in my opinion.  ...more

Equality Means Equal Treatment, Even When the Treatment is Tough

Thank you Katie Couric for the follow-up questions. You pressed Sarah Palin, asked for specifics, and you weren't afraid of inspecting her and her record. Charles Gibson could learn a thing or two from you. I just hoped it wasn't the case that you felt safe challenging Palin because you yourself are a woman. And I had hoped Charlie Gibson didn't avoid being tough with her because he's a man. ...more

A woman who comes out of the gate calling herself a pitbull and ridiculing the other ...more


Like Kristen said in her post at Girl With Pen, “Now That the Dust Has (Sort of) Settled”, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president is still fascinating to ponder. I was recently asked to write an article on the topic for the ILF Digest, the journal of a think tank I’ve been a fellow of (I find this terminology amusing, but have never ...more

The Katie Couric Problem

The Katie Couric Problem ...more

I agree with you- Katie belongs with a "fun" talk show type show... she is loved ...more

Why doesn't the news media cover the issues news consumers care about?

The Project for Excellence in Journalism has released this year's annual State of the News Media report. While much of the blog talk has been about the report's conclusion that user-generated content now drives news consumption (Duh! ...more

Caution: Possibly Enlightening Information about Presidential Candidates Ahead

Sometimes I read too much print journalism, too many blogs, and I forget to watch TV. TV can bring out truth in people. I was glad just now to see Katie Couric ask candidates, “What was your biggest mistake?” in her series, “Character, leadership and the presidency.” I am not of the evening news demographic, but I like this topic. I wish we’d discuss it more. So my husband and I just watched ten candidates in a row answer: What was your biggest mistake? And it was telling. And I took some notes: ...more

I also liked Joe Biden. Of all the candidates Biden seems to be the one that talks straight and ...more

Journalism roundup: Your side, my side and the truth

# Journalism's first obligation is to the truth. # Its first loyalty is to citizens. # Its essence is a discipline of verification. Those are the first three of nine commandments from The Elements of Journalism: What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect, a text from the Project for Excellence in Journalism that has become de rigeur in journalism classes across the country. Reading the media criticism on the BlogHer rolls this week reminded me how challenging it can be to fulfill that mandate -- and be perceived as an honest broker. ...more

I've been thinking a lot about the role of the media in our culture for the past several years. ...more