Why I'm mad at Katy Perry

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.Before I get into the meat of this post about why I’m mad at Katy Perry, please allow me to make a few assumptions …Assumption #1:At the risk of sounding like a stalker or even a genius, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you own a radio. I just figure that since you have internet, you must also have a radio.Assumption #2:...more

I wish I could sing

 Miss 14 and I went to a Katy Perry concert last night, a stadium show. Huge. Around 15,000 people. And she has sold out eight shows. What a spectacle. Imagine a massively amplified Alice in Wonderland married Cirque du Soleil and gave birth to some irresistible songs. Awesome. ...more

Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer (2014) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Katy Perry has added a new summery version of Killer Queen called Killer Queen Oh So Sheer. "A new essence of spontaneous and natural femininity....more

Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume Review

Here's a sneak peak of what's on my blog; The Cweendom...I was sent a small sample of Katy Perry's perfume, Killer Queen. I was not impressed by taking an initial whiff. It smelled HEAVILY of Patchouli (almost so strong to the point where I was going to toss the sample and condemn it). But after an internal battle I decided to actually open the sample and try it on. It's not half bad! Read the full review at cweendom.blogspot.com!...more

Tales from the Backseat

Today, we were driving in the car and I was listening to the boys talking amongst themselves."I bet you can't name the boy singing, but I'll give you a hint," says the Big One."Okay, I can do it," Little Guy proclaims."His name is Justin.""Oh! I know this.  Wait.  No, I don't.""Justin Beaver.  But I think he's dead.  He was like 112 or something.""I know him.  Yeah, he's dead.  Mommy?  Isn't Justin Beeger dead?"  Little Guy asks....more

I'm All for Girl Power, but ...

Katy Perry's new song "Roar" is less of a roar, a call to arms, and more of a yodel. Of course, as I think about her other hits yodeling does appear to be her go-to mode of singing ("California Gurls," "The One That Got Away"). Being the mom of a nine-year-old who loves "girl music," I tend to pay a little bit more attention to some of the latest pop anthems than I might ordinarily. ...more

Camille Paglia Thinks Katy Perry Is Ruining Women: I Sincerely Disagree

The past week has been a-buzz with Katy Perry’s proclamation in her acceptance speech of Billboard’s Woman of The Year Award that she is “not a feminist” followed up by Camille Paglia’s scathing article in The Hollywood Reporter blaming Perry, Taylor Swift and Hollywood for ruining women. While I felt disappointed that Perry made it a point to distance herself from being a “feminist,” I also felt the outrage over her decision to do so had been unfairly disproportionate to the act and perhaps more destructive to “the movement” than Perry’s statement....more
@susieklein "...it means progress has occurred." Very well stated. I wonder the same thing ...more

Heat Wave + Bored Teen Girls = Katy Perry Movie

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmI love the movies. Always have. Always will.And I love it even more than usual when we're smack-dab in the middle of a blinkin' heat wave.So yesterday, I took my girls (and niece Amanda) to see the Katy Perry movie.I like Katy Perry, I do. But if I'd had my druthers, I would have chosen a different flick.You Moms know, I don't need to tell you: we rarely get our druthers....more

It's Okay Katy Perry: Break-Up Songs Are Hard To Do

My inner feminist says I shouldn't criticize Katy Perry's latest single Part of Me, but it is such a blatant, sophmoric stab at her recently minted ex-husband Russell Brand that it just comes off not as a paegn to female empowerment, but a whiny high school girl trashing her boyfriend on Facebook. The pounding disco beat and dopey lyrics don't help. Is Part of Me supposed to be an anthem?...more

Dear Rihanna and Katy,

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Dear Rihanna and Katy,   ...more