Why Do We Keep Up With The Kardashians?

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Freshhelen OMG!  "Kartrashians" is gold!  Fricking brilliant and so accurate.  I also love that ...more

I'll Take The Von Trapps Over The Kardashians Anytime

Oh c'mon people, don't be so hardcore and nasty.  I've read the reviews, but wasn't it just a little bit refreshing to watch something on TV that didn't have someone end up dead, tortured or having casual sex in the first three minutes?  Even if Carrie Underwood wasn't the perfect Maria, would you really prefer that all TV give up and just give it to the likes of the Kardashians over there in the best little whorehouse in Calabasas?...more

All Work and No Play Makes Marty a Sick Girl

Wow. I can't even describe how much energy it is taking to write this post. I have been in such a work whirlwind the past week and a half that I can't even believe it. I've gone completely MIA, and not just here. My mom was going on a cruise, and I got so busy with work I never got to call her before she left. I thought it would be better with the recent three day weekend (President's Day), alas it was not meant to be. I worked all day Monday on various stuff I could do from home. Then my four day work week saw me working three twelve hour days!...more

Surprise! What ever happened to the element of?

What ever happened to the element of surprise?  On one occasion I went shopping (some call them errands) for my kiddies. The first stop was to Party City buy an afro so that my 10-year old could dress-up like the semi-pro basketball players with his gaggle of friends. While there, I grabbed some "blinged" out jewels for my 7-year who insists on being a DJ/Rapper for Halloween.  Next stop (errand number two) was Daffy's in hopes of scoring a pair of black boots for the soon-to-be DJ/Rapper....more