My First (Comedy) Writing Credit!!!

'Keeping the Peace' is a comedy about a lazy yet effective hostage negotiator. My friend/writing partner/comedian Sebastian Fort not only came up with the idea and most of the script, but also played the lead character while living in L.A. a few years ago. I consulted on the script and even came up with the name of the show. When it was time to shoot the pilot, I excitedly flew out to L.A. from Cleveland one very icy and snowy morning in January of 2013. The temperature was 7 degrees when I left Cleveland and about 67 degrees when I arrived at LAX a few hours later....more

Keeping Quiet to Keep the Family Peace

I have come to terms with my behavior on a personal issue involving a family member but I am afraid to speak about it for fear of repercussions.  For too long I searched my heart to explain my participation as the cause of the pain I felt. In private conversations with myself,  I turned everyone's participation over and ran through possible scenarios.  But over time something inside of me changed and I am released.  I can go forward but I think I have to be quiet. ...more

I Like You: It's Your Kid I Can't Stand

When you become a parent, you enter not only into the world of children, but also the parents of your children's friends, their teachers, sports coaches and the tangled web these networks weave. But there's another side too: knowing the parents first, before meeting their children. Getting on really well with a co-worker, neighbor or parent you talk to in the pick-up line outside school often leads to that (way overused) word: playdate. "Hey! We get along so well, we have so much in common and our kids the same age!...more