Why I Still Isolate My Kegels

I've noticed a lot of physical therapists moving away from the Kegel. Usually, this retreat is about providing "better options" for their patients and a more "integrative" approach to pelvic floor function. From what I can tell, this move is based on new theoretical trends in physical therapy and not on any new emerging evidence. ...more
fayemoxam CoreExpectation Yes, talking about it is key! Never thought I'd blog about my pelvic ...more

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes...and Pelvic Floor

My Father-in-law’s favorite joke is to lift his arm only to shoulder level and say “Hey doc! I can only lift my arm this high.” Then as he raises his arm to straight overhead, he says “But I used to be able to lift it this high.”...more

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Pelvic organ prolapse and associated pelvic floor disorders used to be associated with the aging woman. Unfortunately, these diagnoses are now becoming more common with young women who exercise regularly. Jogging is a common culprit, creating a repetitive impact on a weakened pelvic floor which contributes to descent of the poorly supported pelvic organs....more

The Art of Kegel

Last summer, Holly*, a single, colleague of mine, told me about going to see a love coach who gave her the following Hot Man Magnet exercise.  Holly was told that if she spotted a man she found attractive, she should make eye contact, smile wide and then Kegel, Kegel, Kegel.  Apparently, the hot guy would find himself inexplicably magnetized in her direction.  It hadn't worked yet but Holly had faith and her pelvic wall was definitely getting tighter.  ...more

Five Things To Do Before You Get Pregnant


Do The Kegel! Boogie Woogie Woogie

The first time you heard the word “kegel”, your college roomie had to convince you that it wasn’t an Ethiopian breakfast dish. When she told you, “kegel exercises help prevent pelvic floor disorders and help with childbirth,” you yawned. When she said, “Hon, they make your orgasms out of this world if you do them three times a week,” suddenly she had your attention. ...more