Want to Kick Your Kegels Into High Gear? The "Juve" May Be the Answer

By now, I hope that you know where your vagina is and how it works, or at least its most basic functions. I also hope that you have heard of the exercises that you can do to strengthen the powerful effect your vagina has on the world-- Kegels....more
OMG YESSSSS! Hey the IronMan Competitions seem to be gaining popularity daily maybe it's time ...more

Intensity By Jopen


Pelvic Floor Exercises for Pregnancy, Sex, and Peeing when you Sneeze

      Having a healthy pelvic floor, doing some pelvic floor exercises, and getting the pelvic floor ready for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as postpartum recovery is a remarkably overlooked aspect of women's health. Pelvic floor exercises, going beyond the old "just do kegels" stand-by, are essential to proper bladder function, increased sexual satisfaction, childbirth, and postpartum recovery....more

Kegel Exercises - How To Do Them and The Benefits

Kegel Exercises are designed to tighten up your PC (pubococcygeus) Muscles.  The PC muscles stretch from your pubic bone to your tail bone, which forms the pelvic floor and supports the pelvic organs.  PC muscles are found in both men and women.  The PC muscles can lose their PC muscle tone because of pregnancy, pelvic surgery, and age....more

The Kegel Mantra

I had no idea what kegel exercises were until I was in my mid 20s and even once I knew about them, I didn't do them often. I figured why work out your pelvic floor 24/7 and have nothing to show for it, when you could be doing lunges and squats and sculpting an ass that would make J. Lo jealous?...more

A Dumbell for Your You-Know-What

Okay, try to look at this website without laughing.  (Warning:  men, you may find this creepy.)  Apparently, in addition to just doing Kegel exercises to help tighten your pelvic floor after having a baby, you can get an actual weight for your lady parts.  I am not kidding.  But I AM very amused--the photo of the weight (next to a flower) cracked me up. If you want to check this thing out, click HERE.  I think I'm okay on my own. Kiki...more

Kegel 2.0 Part 2- Teamwork

 In Kegel 2.0 Part 1, we worked on increasing awareness of the portion of the pelvic floor that helps stop leaks by using a positional cue, shifting at the ankles as if you were going off a ski jump. This position gives women better awareness and access to this elusive set of muscles so they can begin to strengthen effectively. ...more