OH Governor Reduces Mom's Convictions for Sending Kids to Wrong School

This update in the case of Akron, Ohio mother, Kelley Williams-Bolar is bound to produce as much discussion as the original post by Shannon LC Cate did this past January. In "Mother Convicted of Felony for Sending Kids to a Better School," Shannon gives good voice to the race, class and parenting issues that surround Williams-Bolar's choices as they related to her children's safety and education when she used her children's father's address so that they could attend a better school. In fact, for many people, though by no means all, Williams-Bolar's situation embodied the plight of a minority single parent who, for her admitted desire to keep her two daughters safe, took actions that went against the law....more
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Mother Convicted of Felony for Sending Kids to a Better School

Ms. Williams-Bolar made the kind of decision many of us might when faced with how to educate her children: she used her father’s address to get them into the good school district. But the district hired a private investigator to follow her home and find evidence of what she was doing. After two years in the Copley schools, her daughters were ousted and Williams-Bolar was arrested. Last week, she and her father were both convicted of felonies. ...more
I've taught at underperforming schools, and frankly, I'd beg, borrow and steal so that my child ...more