This Black History Month, Explore the Legacy of the American Civil War

The 2011 Black History Month theme, African Americans and the Civil War, offers rich opportunities to anyone interested in the truth of American identity.The American Revolution set the effort to create a democracy in motion, but it was the Civil War of 1861-65 that responded to the critical contradiction at the heart of that Revolution: the idea that a state founded on the principle of equality could countenance the notion of one human being owning another....more

I must say that Adrien Wing, Fred Minus and others like them, such as our own Maria Niles, ...more

I Love National Parks, Don't You?

My husband and I love National Parks. Before we were married, we spent several Christmases in Yosemite. We got engaged at the Grand Canyon at the beginning of a road trip across the Southwest where we visited Zion, Arches and Goblin Valley (a very cool State Park). ...more

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It's Native American Heritage Month

I bet that one slipped right by you. Some of my Black friends used to joke that, when they finally got a Black History Month, it was February, the shortest one. Now it seems, we've designated a month for Native Americans. ...more