Midterm Elections Cringeworthy Comment Roundup: Jim DeMint, Sharron Angle ...

The private encouragement whispered to Jim DeMint for his cringeworthy comments about women and LGBT people is a metaphor for what has gone wrong with our political processes. The cowards behind this hate-filled election year count on bold bigots like and others to carry their water. ...more

You know though, I think the media is made up of the bigger fools. I'm very tired of hearing ...more

Michael Bennet's Woman Problem

Colorado’s establishment left claims Republican senatorial candidate Ken Buck has a problem with women. Apparently he is “insensitive.” But it’s really appointed Democratic Senator Michael Bennet and his supporters who have the problem. ...more

Wall of Shame: Vote For Me Because … I’m Not A Woman? Ken Buck’s High-Heeled Remark

They say before you criticize someone, you should take a walk their shoes. However, Colorado Senatorial candidate Ken Buck is apparently not a fan of the pumps. So, ensue criticism. During the July 17th Independence Institute’s Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Party, Buck was asked the question, “Why should we vote for you?” In the spirit of the always clean and friendly politics, Buck quipped: “Because I do not wear high heels.” ...more

Er...I'm not impressed with her eye for an eye "not man enough" statement nor am I thrilled that ...more