Easy Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Homemade Ketchup is one of those rare recipes that actually tastes better when made at home! Ketchup is a weakness of mine, especially, that I find myself craving at odd times. I’m convinced my body is craving the licopene that is found in high concentrates in ketchup…or at least that’s what I tell myself....more

Try It Tuesday...Homemade Ketchup

Try It Tuesday...Homemade Ketchup  Ketchup has been the talk of the dinner table around here with my f...more

Homemade Ketchup: Healthy, Easy, and Way Better Than Heinz

Yesterday, as I was cooking lunch, my oldest daughter asked the all-important question “What’s for dinner?!” (Apparently lunch isn’t important.) I informed her that I would be making chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and steamed vegetables. She looked at me for a second and then promptly ran to tell her little sister, “Hey Adalynn, we’re having chicken nuggets for dinner!! That means we get to have ketchup tonight!!” At first, I smiled at her excitement. What a thing to get excited over! ...more
Nothing beats homemade items. It's so delicious and fresh without all the added preservatives. ...more

Ketchup (365 Days of Blessings – Day 120)

I am thankful for ketchupThat glorious crimson concoction, that will get Poppet to eat just about anything!Before the comments start coming in, we only reserve it for the end of a meal (no, not every meal) when we’d like her to eat a bit more of a certain item (i.e. egg).  And let’s not forget, it counts as a vegetable!  (well, kinda)Warmest regards, ...more
LOL! My husband and I just had this conversation with our children when they asked for ketchup ...more

Heinz's New Ketchup Packet: A Step In The Wrong Direction

Earlier this week, Heinz announced the nationwide retail launch of their Dip & Squeeze® Ketchup packets, which had already rolled out to restaurants. Noel Geoffrey, Vice President-Heinz Brands, said this was in response to the "universal need for convenient, portable packaging." ...more
I'm pretty sure it had more to do with the greying of america (and elsewhere), and how every ...more

brown butter barbecue basted whole chicken

I know what you're thinking. A whole chicken? I don't think so. It's okay, I promise. Especially when you take some help from the grocery store and buy a whole chicken already cut up. It's not that expensive either! Score. It gets even better when you brush a brown butter barbecue sauce all over the chicken before grilling it. ...more

Recipe: Sloppy Joes Without the Manwich

Oh, Sloppy Joe, let's get married. I love you so.Sounds like the makings of a bona fide country song, doesn't it? It's a food love affair our entire country can identify with -- the Sloppy Joe is an American favorite. ...more

Have you ever tried it with ground turkey? We use ground turkey almost exclusively and am sure ...more

Unexpected Cleaners

Unexpected Cleaners   Use white bread to: Dust an oil painting. Gently dab a slice of white bread over the surface to pick up dirt and grime.Use ketchup to: Remove tarnish from copper and brass cookware. Squeeze ketchup onto a cloth and rub it on pots and pans. They should go back to their coppery color in minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry with a towel.Use oatmeal to: Scrub very dirty hands....more

How to Make Homemade Mustard with Coriander and Ale

Homemade mustard is surprisingly easy to make, and when you're in control of every ingredient, you can adjust the flavor, intensity and heat to your liking. This particular recipe uses common yellow mustard seeds, apple cider vinegar and pale ale. This same basic technique, however, of soaking mustard seeds in acidic ingredients with aromatics, can be used to create your own personal flavor profile. ...more

Recently made my own ketchup - this is next on my list. Thanks for the recipe and great ...more

How to Make Ketchup

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your ketchup bottle? It's not pretty. Even the organic brands have hidden "natural flavors" in there to mimic major brands. It's a shame, because you really only need a handful of ingredients to make ketchup taste like the ketchup we grew up with: tomato paste, salt, sugar, vinegar, and if you're daring, a little garlic. That's it. ...more

This brought back memories of my grandma's home canned chili sauce, which we used for ketchup ...more