Justice and Healing: A Khmer Rouge Survivor’s Story

By Chanda ChannIn war, there are no winners, only survivors.I am a Khmer Rouge survivor. I fled the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia in 1975 with my mother. My father died shortly after Khmer Rouge seized the country and five days later, my one-year-old sister died from lack of food and medicine....more

Demanding Justice for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge

Cross-posted from UN Women As the United Nations Security Council adopts a new resolution on conflict-related sexual violence today, we detail the efforts of a UN Trust Fund-supported programme that works to ensure that sexual and gender-based violence perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge during the 1974-1979 genocide in Cambodia is never forgotten. ...more

Interview with a Khmer Rouge survivor: Cambodia

** This post originally appeared in www.50womenblog.org- the official blog of The 50 Women Project**  Follow us on twitter: @50womenprojectI waited to interview Oeum for months and I waited so patiently because I knew her story was a melange of tradegy, survival, reassurance and inspiration. Cambodian culture is quite unknown to me so I was naturally drawn to learn more....more