'That Which We Do Not Understand' is definitely something you should back on Kickstarter

Who here is a fan of art that deals with the unknown? Oh, you're all raising your hands. Great. I have something for you. It's called That Which We Do Not Understand. ...more

Food Critic Refuses To Promote Bakery Because I Donate To Pet Shelters

 We're Lulu (left) and Karen (right) and together we make up Sweet Lulu's Bakery on Wheels, in Charleston, South Carolina....more

Film! Fashion! New York! A "Rags To Rags" Story.....

New Film/Documentary Project Now On Kickstarter:click link below): http://www.kck.st/1nRdRRu...more

If you crowdfund, think BIGGER than the number

Holy Money Making Machine, Batman – these are impressive numbers! Through Kickstarter The Veronica Mars Movie raise over $5,000,000, and tech project Formslab’s 3D printer nearly hit $3,000,000. With success stories like these, it’s easy to understand how people may become swept up in the excitement to hit it big through crowdfunding....more

Deep Empathy for Non-Profits and Development Directors

I've e-mailed all my friends.I've Tweeted all I know to Tweet.I've posted on my Facebook feed ad nauseum.I have $655 to raise and 3.5 days to do it.I finally, probably, very-close-to-almost understand what raising money feels like. And, I'll be so glad to feel something different…SOON....more

Using Kickstarter is Scary, Exciting, and Um, Scary

Asking for financial support is a process that strikes a deep-seeded fear into the marrow of my bones.  Even when the ask is for something in which I wholeheartedly believe. ...more

Unlocking Kickstarter

Unlocking KickstarterWe can’t say we’re Kickstarter gurus but many people have asked “What are some tips for creating a successful Kickstarter project?” We’d like to share with you with what we’ve learned so far from our two kickstarter campaigns. This is it – we hope you will find it helpful!...more

'Veronica Mars' Feature Kickstarter Reaches $2 Million Goal In 10 Hours

In one of the fastest Kickstarter campaigns in history, Kristin Bell and Rob Thomas have successfully raised $2 Million dollars to produce a Veronica Mars movie with a projected start date of this summer....more
makiahisms thanks you Makiah!more

Kickstart THIS! The Big Feminist BUT, edited by Shannon O’Leary and Joan Reilly

This project was announced forever ago, and I had almost given it up for dead.  Imagine my delight when it was announced it was up on Kickstarter!...more