(GIVEAWAY) Meeting Sapphire: Beyond Precious, Push or Even The Kid

"I'm not here to be your massage therapist," she said, leaning over to sign my copy of The Kid. "I'm here to tell a story." And then I watched Sapphire draw a big, puffy heart around the title, her signature as looping and graceful as her reading voice. ...more
Ah, Rita - you create the best giveaways. Would love to read this. Would have loved listening to ...more

Sapphire’s The Kid: Precious’ Child in Sequel to “Push”

Chaotic. Disturbing. Confusing. Brave. Those are words that float through my head as I try to think of what to say about Sapphire's The Kid, the follow-up her acclaimed first novel, Push. ...more
@TeeTee SPOILER ALERT: I may have missed it but I don’t think anyone tried to answer TeeTee's ...more