Friday Bentos

I'm really starting to enjoy this now and can't WAIT for next week to try new things!!!  In the meantime, here's what Miss Girl had for lunch today:...more

Fingers and Toes

Fingers and toes...fingers and I the only one hearing this to the tune of that Christmas song, "Silver and Gold???" I am?  Hmmmm...Here's her second Halloween-y bento (from the 26th):The top tier contains a good amount of leftover pasta with marinara sauce, some cheese, and a veggie dog finger and a veggie dog toe. Gross!...more

Finally Back! Pumpkin Patch Bento

I know it's been a while. I have a TON of bento pictures, and of course have not put any of them here. But the Halloween ones are so much fun that I'm skipping straight to those. So here goes!...more