10 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (You Won’t See Me Making)

Let me be honest with you. Pinterest has me hooked and addicted, but as a mom of four, there really isn’t time to do everything I’ve been pinning. But every time I sit down squat quickly over the toilet [before one of the four starts to cry] to take a pee, I can’t help but wish I could turn my collection of empty toilet paper rolls into something more. Today I bring to you the list of 10Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (You Won’t See Me Making) except for in my dreams....more

Kiddie Art: Watercolors with Glue and Salt

Welp, it's exactly mid-January, and unless you live in Hawaii, there's a good chance you're getting as stir crazy as we've been around here. A quick recap:We moved during the last week of December.Unpacked for a week or so.Eliza got sick and took Liv with her, so we were home-bound while Duff was out of town for 4 nights.We all got better, and the sky dumped rain, rain, and more rain on us for another full week.Which brings us  to...ah, yes. Today. What are we to do in this, the bleak midwinter? ...more

Halloween Crafts

Looking for some easy Halloween Crafts to make with your little ones? Check out my latest link post for ideas!  OneMommy...more

Fish Tank Craft (Recycling)

I love doing "recycling" crafts with Jake.  It's a great way to re-purpose some things we have around the house, and a lesson in reusing things that you might otherwise throw away. (But not in a Hoarders way. We don't keep a pile of newspapers or t.p. rolls anywhere to the point where you have to crawl over them.  Yet.)...more

Fun Crafts for Easter and Beyond

I know.  It's the last minute for doing any Easter crafts, but many of these ideas are just so wonderful that you should keep them in your crafty to-do file for other great spring occasions. These crafts may have Easter as a theme, but I prefer to think them all as perfect SPRING crafts. ...more

Old time-y borax crystal decorations for the holidays

Here's a good old fashion how-to project for making borax crystal decorations. The activity provides some good clean fun with an educational twist that's sure to impress your kids and get them wondering how it's done. Not only will these shimmer-shiny babies enhance the holiday atmosphere of your home but when you reveal the scientific "magic" behind the crystal mystery it's sure to secure your position as smartest person on ...more

How To Make an Art Smock

Learn how to make this simple art smock out of  a rice bag.  For free directions, click here. ...more

Neclaces good enough to eat!

Detailed instructions plus pictures on how to make a candy necklace, click here. ...more

Terra Cotta Pot Easter Bunny

If you're looking for an easy and adorable Easter craft for adults and kids alike, then you have to check out the Terra Cotta Pot Easter Bunny project. There is a picture at www.inspiremecrafts.com. This was one of those accidental projects that was just meant to be. At the Dollar Tree I got 4 Terra Cotta Pots for $1. I used one in my Easter Topiary project (also can be seen at www.inspiremecrafts.com) so I was trying to figure out how to use the other three. Well..here it is! ...more

DIY: Gravestones

Make these creepy grave stones with cardboard and gray and white paint. Decorate your yard for a party or just to be festive. For a party: Write on each grave stone "Here Lies (name of child)" for each guest. Let them take home their grave stone as a party favor. You can learn more on www.ExecutiveHomemaker.com. ...more