Valentine's Day Dyed Eggs From The More With Less Mom

Dyeing eggs is a frugal activity that can be practiced the whole year. You should already have all the items you need. This is a craft that is easy to scale to different age groups....more

Do Your Kids' Party a Favor: Don't Do Goody Bags!

 I don’t know who came up with the idea to hand out goody bags at the end of kids’ birthday parties, but I kind of hate them....more

Make Cool Egyptian Canopic Jars!

Getting The Gold! A St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft: Making A Leprechaun Trap

Last week my son's kindergarten teacher sent home a note to all the parents.  Apparently my son’s classroom has been invaded by a mischievous little Leprechaun who has been disrupting the classroom such as knocking over chairs and leaving books out!  In order to catch the leprechaun, the class is going to put out traps to try to get his pot of gold! All the children were asked to use their cleverness, ingenuity and of course, some help from mom and dad, to make their own leprechaun trap and bring it to school this week....more