Why I Made A Kid-Free List On Twitter (And What Happened When I Did)

Creating my kid-free list seemed innocent enough to me at the time. I tend to swim in a sea that seems primarily comprised of mommybloggers and daddybloggers, and I was suddenly possessed of the urge to find and collect those out there who fit my particular demographic: people over 30 who do not have children. I intended nothing political by or pre-supposing about it. I simply had the very human desire to see myself reflected out in the world. ...more
Great post! I honestly prefer to surround myself with people who are (in many ways) nothing ...more

Sometimes, I just need to be a girl

I spent two hours on Friday with my best friend. And without my kids. It was much easier to balance "me time" with "family time" when I worked outside the home. I drove to the office every day and made plans with friends for lunch or shopping trips or mini spa escapes. I could run errands or just spend an hour at the bookstore, browsing the magazine racks. ...more

I have found that a set time when I can escape really helps. On and off since I have been a ...more