Bean Olympics

Not sure exactly who threw the gauntlet down first but the other night at dinner the boys had a serious string bean showdown. Someone dared Liam to eat a bean and it took off from there. Facing the peer pressure of both brothers he choked down a string bean to the cheers of the crowd. Not to be undone Matthew quickly raised the bar and ate two string beans. Well, Dylan, the major underdog surprised us all by eating five string beans at once. The crowd went wild!...more

sunomono - the cucumber salad kids love


I love cucumber salad.

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Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash

Kids + the garden = One fabulous home-grown lesson in horticulture

I’m the first to admit: as a kid, I was not all that helpful in the garden. By not all that helpful, I mean that my Dad and I spent a legendary afternoon (or, perhaps, a legendary 20 minutes, depending on who tells the story) when I “helped” pick beans at the community garden plot he cultivated when I was in middle and high school. My pre-teen attitude ensured I was never invited back to the garden again. ...more

I found out that most kids will only get involve when you make it seem like you're just ...more