8 Reasons Little Girls Make Great FBI Recruits

I own a boy and a girl and am often asked how old they are.  My answer is “She’s 4, going on 34, and he’s 3 going on 1”.This accelerated maturity seems to be the case for many of the other little girls I’ve observed.  After careful evaluation of their specific behaviors, I’ve deduced that The FBI and other intelligence agencies may want to start recruiting little girls, in order to take full advantage of their optimal skill sets....more

Seagull versus Sandwich, a Roadside Drama

OK this is not my story. It is one of those friend of a friend of a friend stories. I think it is true, or at least I would really like it to be, because it is one that Ramsey and I love to retell and share with friends. Acting it out is fun too. And because it is just too crazy NOT to tell, I am writing it down, with apologies to any of the real people that may have been involved in the actual events, especially the Sandwich guy....more

Kid walks into a greeting card store...

We are looking for a card for her mommy. She used to draw her own cards and they were filled to the edges with hearts and flowers and xxxxoooo, but since she learned to read, she prefers to pick one herself from the selection at Target....more

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Some of my earliest memories involve sitting around the Christmas tree: shaking boxes, counting presents, Dad reading the Christmas story from the Bible, racing cars around the tree, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to see the loot, falling asleep at noon exhausted and surrounded by gifts. The list goes on and on. But these are intangibles, the true beauty of Christmas....more

We're from a small town. Really small.

It was a good weekend. My evidence of that is a funny story I have to tell. It has been a very long time since I’ve shared a funny story.That and my daughter thinks I give way too much air time to Bear, especially in the “Funny Stories Shared on Facebook” department.  read more  Homeschooling mother of six, one of whom has gone ahead to be with the Lord. Looking forward to the reunion....more