Sandwich and Stars and Another Big Bento

It was pointed out to me yesterday that calling the bento I made for myself an "adult" bento could cause some confusion. So I'll be calling them kid bentos and big bentos from now on! So now that that's settled... I took some inspiration for Miss Girl's bento from yesterday's. She tends to like fewer and fewer "kid" things....more

Moonlit Night Bento

This was Miss Girl's last bento lunch before Halloween! The picture it a little bit sloppy, but the lunch wasn't too bad. The top tier has a cheese moon, two bat sandwiches of different sizes, and a witch-on-broomstick sandwich....more

Mummydog and Tombstones

Miss Girl's third Halloween-y bento was a little sappy, but she was pleased with it so that's what matters!The top tier contains a veggie mummydog with ketchup eyes (and a little cup of ketchup on the side for dipping), some snap peas and carrot sticks, and two chunky Colby Jack tombstones....more

Finally Back! Pumpkin Patch Bento

I know it's been a while. I have a TON of bento pictures, and of course have not put any of them here. But the Halloween ones are so much fun that I'm skipping straight to those. So here goes!...more

Chef's Salad

Inspired by her love of salads and our lack of groceries and my lack of time, Miss Girl got a Chef's Salad for her lunch today. It's not much to look at, but she was pretty excited about it. What I've been eating for the past couple of days is pretty close to this, too, and I have to's pretty tasty....more

Another Flower Garden

Apparently I've been in a flowery mood lately, which is weird because I'm possibly the least girly female I know. Oh well! This flower garden bento is much less cute than the last one, but Miss Girl was pleased with it, which is what matters....more

Super Quick Lunch

This morning I woke up late. After having slept for several hours in a row. Time to break out the vitamin D, less sun is killing my schedule! At any rate, Miss Girl needed a lunch and we needed to be out the door in less than half an hour. So she got a really quick lunch in a disposable lunchmeat container!...more