Arrests in Murder of Three Week Old Baby Kidnapped, Killed, Stuffed in a Trash Bag, and Tossed in a Dumpster

UPDATE: Three Weeks Old. Kidnapped, Killed, Stuffed in a Trash Bag, and Tossed in a Dumpster “Murdered baby was kidnapped for woman’s false pregnancy.”...more

Clifford: The Big Red Kidnapping Van

All kids have to be embarrassed by their parents in some way, shape or form during their childhood. It’s a requirement and until it’s accomplished that child isn’t allowed to progress in life. For my family this was tricky because I genuinely like my mom and I don’t think she’s embarrassing so to properly child-shame me she had to dig deep.And oh did she ever accomplish it!...more

Kidnapping’s 3 Stages: Lure, Induction, Captivity

As a security and safety expert, I often lecture about all the facets of a kidnapping. There are three basic stages or phases of the kidnapping experience.The Lure...more
Thank you for this post. I work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse (see my blog site) and ...more

Here's to the brave women who fight back

   According to the FBI, 1 in 4 women will be the victim of a crime in her lifetime.  This startling statistic isn't easy to digest.  Most of us would rather think it won't happen to us.  The reality is we could all very well be a victim.  I will be posting a series of stories, personal safety tips, and self-defense strategies to help you know what to do when it matters most!   A Central Michigan University Student is lucky to be alive today. Last Weds....more

Facts: Kidnapping Is Always a Crime and Adoption Desperately Needs Reform

I hate to read news like the story that rolled out of Guatemala yesterday and splashed into the adoption world like a boulder into a quiet lake. A judge in Guatemala has ruled that a six-year-old girl should be returned to her biological family. Because she was kidnapped and wrongfully placed for adoption. There are no winners in stories like this one, but the ripples of this ruling and subsequent news coverage will -- or should -- have far-reaching effects. ...more
For more about Guatemalan adoption, and both its beauty and controversial underbelly, please ...more

Protecting Our Own: The Sign on Leiby Kletzky's Door

If you're anything like me, you have been disgusted by every detail of the kidnapping and murder of eight-year-old Brooklynite Leiby Kletzky, and yet compelled to know more. I can't remember the last time I've had to hide the newspaper for three days running, or change the channel every time my kids entered the room. But I have to keep looking....more
To night I watched the news and saw that a father was arrested for numerous physical abuse acts ...more

Mellissa Fung's 28 Days in Captivity Under an Afghan Sky

In 2008 CBC reporter Mellissa Fung did something that no journalist ever wants to do -- she became the story. On October 12, 2008 she was grabbed as she was leaving Charahi Qaambar refugee camp, northeast of Kabul, stabbed twice and forced into a car by men with guns. She would spend the next four weeks underground in a hole smaller than my bedroom closet. Under an Afghan Sky is her story in her own words....more

Any word on when the book will be available in the US? I can only find it on amazon canada.more

Gay Girl in Damascus Blogger Reportedly Seized in Syria

Editor's note: Scroll down for more updates to this breaking story. I received some very troubling news today when I read that Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari, who blogs at A Gay Girl in Damascus as Amina Abdallah, has been detained in Syria, according to her family. We featured her very brave blog in late April, and I feel she is part of the BlogHer family....more

and quite frankly, I wouldn't mind throwing a pie in his face.


I nearly got kidnapped in Moscow and it was quite annoying

So you all know about the blog Bodacious Boomer don't you? Of course you bloody do, she is one of the Universe's most prolific and entertaining bloggers. Well, to give you a bit of background, BB has been working away from home for the last month, and she asked me to do a guest blog because she had limited internet connection and needed someone to fill in for her. Yeh, I know! I was also amazed that she asked me.   ...more

You're Going Where? But They Kidnap People!

My friend sent me a story yesterday about two Americans kidnapped in Yemen. As I'm headed there next week, that’s not the kind of juju I need right now. Why is it that any time you go somewhere off the beaten track (as in not a cruise, Europe, or an RV trip to the Grand Canyon) people find horror stories to forward you as you’re packing to leave?   ...more