When I started this venture....

... my kids were 1, 2, 4 and 12. What a difference just over a year makes. I remember telling my husband, when we first embarked on this consecutive pregnancies and / or the care and feeding of many small children and a budding "tween" - a couple of years ago - that we would "hunker" down - never travel - eat mac n cheese and hot dogs every night - like really LIVE!!!...more

A Fairy Tale for Modern Times - the Peaceful Family Dinner

Why does dinner at your house resemble feeding time at the zoo? Why is it so difficult to get your kids and husband to all sit down at the same time and share a peaceful meal?   ...more

My life is funnier when I'm depressed

So I'm new, obviously...I have my personal blog and I'm waiting for it to be listed with BlogHer, but in the meantime, here I am. My blog, depressionsandconfessions.com, started as a way for me to reach out to other women with depression, but has evolved into a sort of journal of my personal story about living with the disorder....more

Ahoy mateys! Arrrrr!

If it wasn't already evident I, we, did not have a "normal" childhood. While other children were playing with their new store-bought toys- their toys of the latest and most popular characters- we were in the backyard with shovels, dirt, bicycles with no tires and anything else we could find.  One of my personal favorite games to play was Pirates. Every now and then it would start to rain. This was not your every day rain. Rain that replenished the Earth. Rain you could smell coming from miles and hours away....more

Volunteering for Vomit


The Tag Team Approach

My husband and I recently had our first real experience with what I call "tag-team" parenting. Our daughter is two years and five months old; up until this point I've never been overwhelmed while doing my motherly duties. Until the other night. It had been a long day. I was tired. She was in a wound up mood, bouncing off the walls and running laps around our tiny house. Most of the time, I'm able to shrug that off. ...more

Can't wait for a snow day!

It's snowing pretty solidly outside my window here in suburban New York City, so I'm guessing my kids will not be heading off to school tomorrow.  Right now in my cozy, and child-free, living room at 10pm I am so excited for all the fun things we're going to do tomorrow with our free day.  We'll walk into town if the wind isn't blowing too much, and have lunch or some hot chocolate.  We'll go in the back yard and build a snowman....more

We did make a snowman! And ate some snowflakes.  Marveled at the trees (it was a really ...more

The Balance Between Protecting our Children and Respecting Their Privacy

Last week, the news broke about a Philadelphia-area school district that has been accused of misusing technology to spy on a student at home.As @vodkamom reported on Twitter and here on the BlogHer Family Connections forum:...more
You over obsessive diaper sniffers always make me think back on George Carlin... Here's a few ...more

Parenting in the Digital Age