Bath Time

I begin by telling you that I do take daily showers, no worries. But it has been years since I last took a bath (you know, the sybaritic, candle burning, magazine reading kind). I guess I always feel time-crunched. By the time I have a free hour to soak, I’m too tired to pour in the bubbles. And it’s a shame, because I really used to love baths....more

Halloween, Here we Go Again

One of the things I love best about having kids, besides the unquestioning acceptance of whatever weirdness I feel like dishing out at any given moment, is that they remind me to be imaginative and see wonder everywhere. Sure, I dump water on some of the magic with facts and science-y explanations, but they always bring the wonder....more

DIY Birthday Boy Cupcake Toppers


Parenthood - when men want kids: switching the ticking clock

Parenthood is one of the best times in the life of a person... or is it?There is a huge baby dilemma rising over couples when men want kids and women don't rush into pregnancy yet. Switching the ticking clock appears to be an epidemic for nowadays couples, as men are increasingly eager to conceive, while women would rather wait for the baby a little more. What are the consequences of this phenomenon and what can we do to solve the problem? ...more

Kids vs. Fashion – Who is going to win?

Kids are known to be the most sincere human beings ever, so if you really want to know how you look, just ask a kid! This is exactly what Yolanda Dominguez did when she developed the project “Ninos vs Moda” and asked kids what they really think about fashion. Here is what happened! Yolanda showed high profile fashion ads of famous brands, such as Lanvin, Prada, Hugo Boss and Alexander Wang, to name a few, to a group of eight year olds and asked them what they think about the image. She also asked them how they think the characters in the images feel. ...more

5 Simple Car Seat Safety Quick Tips Infographic

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Happy Mental Health Day: What Moms Like Me Really Want for Mother’s Day

For three-hundred-sixty-five days a year, it is Mother’s Day. No sick days. No lazy Sundays. No Netflix and Chill days. I don’t want Mother’s Day. I want a Mental Health Day.Suspend your disbelief, mothers (you’ll know which parts):It is the morning of Mother’s Day. I am still sleeping. No one crawled into my bed last night. No one screamed at 3 a.m. because she heard a bug in her room. Uninterrupted sleep at its best....more

"Life's a Beach," says this empty nest mother

Sun, sand, ocean. The perfect emotional cocktail for stressed out moms. Whether on the rocks, straight up, neat or dirty, any busy, exhausted, mentally drained mom would love to consume this healing toddy in a glass.Like for real. God bottling up His sand, surf, and rays creation would revolutionize the Zen market and be ama-za-zing....more

How Do I Raise Independent Children When I Am A Control Freak?

Eliece JenkinsOrganized MOMI want to raise children that are independent, creative, and confident.  Sometimes I feel that my controlling, organizing personality is going to burst out and ruin my kid's growing sense of self.  This weekend is a perfect example of the effort it sometimes take to let our kids spread their wings and create....more

Baby's First Teeth Care: Most Common Questions Answered

Seeing those cute bunny teeth popping out is an amazing experience. You will see a great change is baby’s face. You observe increase maturity in baby' face. But wait, it has brought you loads of new duties too. Yes! The Dental Care. Most of kids get cavities and decay issues in early childhood, mainly due to recent lifestyle of junk food. But it is not as difficult as it seems. Some healthy habits and some precautions will take care of your baby’s teeth. ...more
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