Can You Get Christmas Cheer From A Conversation With An Elf?

Last night as Michael was readying himself for bed, he got into quite a lengthy discussion with Fred. Well, monologue I suppose would be more apt. My husband and I relaxed in the family room, my daughter already asleep in bed, when I heard a soft, uninterrupted murmur coming from the other room. As the conversation continued, my husband and I began to wonder. ...more
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My Daughter's 10 Commandments for Parents

1.    Don’t be afraid to leave me for mommy/daddy time. Yes, I may cry but it’s only because I love you and that’s a good thing, right? We’ll see each other soon. 2.    I may be small but my feelings matter. I am still a human after all, albeit a small one. Please consider my feelings when you speak to me. Your words have the ability to hurt, help, or inspire me. Choose wisely. 3.    Did you know there are only 940 Saturdays from the day I was born till the day I leave for college?...more

18 Free Activities For Christmas Break

School is almost out!  We homeschoolers even take a Christmas break.  How are you going to keep the kids busy?  Sure you can go do a few special activities but going out can be hard on a budget. Looking for some easy and free ideas for those days at home?  Here are 18 free activities to keep your kids busy during Christmas break!...more

Why Holiday Eating Is Hard For Kids

The Holidays are fast approaching!  Are you ready?I love holidays.  I love seeing family and friends.  I love planning wonderful food. I love picking out special gifts for the people I hold nearest and dearest and I love remembering families in our community with love. Holidays are busy, exciting, and full of spirit!But do you know what else they are filled with?  They are full of kids that WILL NOT EAT WELL....more

Why Does Paper Beat Rock?


Why Black Friday is Book Friday

Create a Rockin' Thanksgiving Kid's Table

Eating is fun but waiting on the meal is hard.  Here are some fun decorations and crafts to create a kids table that is rockin’ and keeps those little ones busy while you cook, clean, and attempt adult conversation.  ...more

The Atrocious Cost of Childcare